Fortnite: Lady Gaga Presents Her Tour in Epic Games Video!

Lady Gaga is coming to Fortnite. Vous pourrez incarner ce personnage dans le mode Festival du jeu pour la saison 2 de ce mode.

Fortnite is launching a new collaboration in these games. And this is the beginning of a great singer: Lady Gaga! And this phenomenon will be illustrated by the second season of the Festival. The singer and the aura of the leading role. It’s a plus for you.

Fortnite: Lady Gaga appears as her son

The new phase of Fortnite brings a new mode. Il sagit Festival du mode. Ce mode est is dedicated to music. This is the Guitar Hero face that has been made for years. And the debut season 2 is winding up.

And now Lady Gaga appears in collaboration with Epic Games. Rappelez-vous, during the premiere season, for help The Weeknd concert. You can play with the singer’s skins. New life.

From February 22 to April 22, you’ll be able to see the singer’s look in this Fortnite mode. And look at the singer in the game, who assez drôle car in 2019, this time dernière posts a tweet demanding ce qu’était ce jeu.

“QWhat are you saying, two weeks? » ecrivait-elle. Alors, quelques jours avant l’annonce de la saison 2, Lady Gaga updates her tweet with latest announcements. And these posts are also available on Twitter with these new visuals.

Cela montre donc l’engoument pour Fortnite parts of the singer. La chanteuse est maintenant à la page et connait bel et bien ce jeu. She invested in this season 2. Preliminary step!

Singer in Festival mode.

Fortnite Festival Season 2 He is not available. And this new season, you’ll be including Lady Gaga. But what does sela mean? Vous pourrez prendre l’apparence de la star et collector of Elley-related items.

Thinking, for example, that this is a hundred from my album Chromatica sorti in 2020. In the game, il y aura bien sûr des chansons de l’artiste. You will understand Poker Face, Born this way, Applause, Stupid love, Just dance, Bloody Mary, Edge of Glory but also Rain on me.

Lady Gaga is very popular in Fortnite. Et ce même s’il ya encore quelques années, elle n’y connaissait rien. And send it to certain young people. This is the home of singer Kesha.

Lady Gaga’s music is playing on Twitter. She explained to me that what I most want is for this to be a revolution, an accident. By the way, will this partnership with The Weeknd be successful?

Ca, il faudra encore visitre quelques temps pour le savoir. Moreover, in this new mode, the Big Bang does not work properly again.. This Season 2 Preview. The personality does not know what will happen in the second season of the Fortnite mode.

But it’s better to make a braid and change what can be done by playing with lambda. Alors pour ceux qui n’aiment pas trop le jeu de base, cela pourrait donc plaire à d’autres.

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