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The best Xiaomi offers for January are at Xiaomi Days in El Corte Inglés.Xiaomi

Are Xiaomi offers They are only valid until next January 31stso finish big by making your debut mobile: the first month of the year is in your hands. four smartphones with discount selected support excellent price of money: they deal on one side with terminals Redmi Note 12 Pro And Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus with 5G; and, on the other hand, Xiaomi 13T serieshighlighting first of all your model Xiaomi 13T Prowhich has a capacity of 1TB.


Although Xiaomi is able to provide better performance in smartphones high endand does not neglect middle segment: A place where mobile brands strive to gain popularity, but only a few succeed. For this reason Redmi Note 12 range It perfectly matches the aspirations of users who want a competent mobile phone at a low price.

Mobile Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro, 256 GB RAM

This smartphonecheap and good Xiaomi mobile phone, attracts attention with its Fast charging 67 W. and have one huge battery compared to its price, with 5000 mAh capacity. Comes with Amoled screen and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the task of which is to give great commuting experience and an unprecedented level of play. Sold in color grey.

28% discount, save 100 euros.

Offers on Xiaomi phones: Redmi Note 12 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus Mobile Phone with 5G and 256 GB RAM

Located a step above the previous terminal, we find one of the brand’s star devices: Redmi Note 12 ProWith 8 GB RAM. At a very attractive price (never before seen in El Corte Inglés). His download speed is high And smartphone It provides a very smooth experience with fast data transfer in the 5G band. As if that weren’t enough, he has high performance processor. Sold in color black.

30% discount, save 150 euros.

Xiaomi promotions: Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus mobile phone with 5G.

Xiaomi 13T SERIES

Highest range of mobile phones developed by Xiaomi, includes Series 13T. These are terminals built to last, with outstanding power and smoothness in all areas.

Xiaomi 13T with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage

This terminal offers an impressive offer in Xiaomi Days: any user can use it you save more than 150 euros. If we talk about its features completely, then it is a triple camera product. Watering canincluding, but not limited to, Wide-angle lens 50 megapixels.. On the other hand, it has fast charging very reliable– You can fill a quarter of the container in just 5 minutes. It can be purchased at metallic green very amazing.

24% discount, save 160 euros.

Buy a Xiaomi mobile phone: Xiaomi 13T with 8 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi 13T Pro with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage capacity

He flagship This selection also includes a discount on participation in the Xiaomi Days championship in El Corte Inglés. His MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ processora real beast: it offers speeds of up to 3.35 GHz and is compatible with fast charging, which works (almost) the same as speed of light: Provides 100% charge in less than 20 minutes.. Sold in different colors: alpine blue, black and green metallic.

20% discount, save 210 euros.

Xiaomi days in El Corte Inglés: Xiaomi 13T Pro with 16 GB of RAM.

*All purchase prices included in this article are correct as of January 28, 2024.

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