Four proven methods to lose stored fat and speed up your metabolism

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to adopt healthy habits and improve your well-being. As you well know, one of the greatest desires of most of us is lose accumulated fat, which is the most difficult to eliminate. You’ve been trying to get rid of it for years and have lost weight all over your body, except in hard-to-reach areas like your stomach or thighs.

Well, before we delve into this matter, we must tell you that it is normal that over the years fat tissue accumulates in the abdominal area, especially in the case of men. And why do we owe this? Well, mainly due to hormones and slow metabolism. The same thing happens to women, but usually to men arms and hips.

Therefore, if we want get rid of belly fat or stored fatOverall, it would be better if we tried to give metabolism, so our body burns more calories and fat than before. While we obviously can’t work miracles in this regard, it’s possible that we’ll notice big changes in our weight loss goals if we make small changes to our daily routine.

This is the number 1 mistake everyone makes when trying to lose weight.This is the number 1 mistake everyone makes when trying to lose weight.


To help you achieve your goal, below we will give you some ideas. All these are proven methods on how to get rid of belly fat and generally speed up your metabolism. Since each is different, ideally you should consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking this step, but for now it’s good to inform yourself:

1) Intermittent fasting and exercise

Most people who are starting to take care of themselves and don’t want to diet, choose intermittent fasting with great success. And what is this? Well, it is a diet regimen based on an eating pattern in which phases of fasting alternate with periods of eating, as the name suggests.

Among the most common practices are daily fasting for 16 hours or 24-hour fasting twice a week. That is, in the first case, we would eat for 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 days. Following this pattern is quite simple since we only need to skip breakfast or dinner. And in the second mentioned case, we will eat water, infusions and decoctions two days a week.

research showed that if we stop eating for 16 hours, we will be able to lose weight because hormonal levels change to make it easier to burn fat, such as increased release norepinephrine, a hormone that promotes weight loss. Likewise, intermittent fasting has been shown to speed up metabolism from 3.6 to 14% and that those who follow it achieve lose 3-8% of your weight in less than a month.

For intermittent fasting to work, we should trainsince we can go along this path getting rid of accumulated fat much faster. Obviously, we should try to exercise during the feeding period rather than during the fasting period.

2) Ketogenic diet

Proponents of the ketogenic or keto diet give more importance to fats and proteins than carbohydrates, for the purpose put the body into ketosis and lose weight.

And what is ketosis? Well, it is a metabolic state in which we force the body to generate energy in a different way than what it is used to. You could say that when we don’t have enough glucose (sugars and carbohydrates), the body turns to fats and ketones to get that energy.

This is how we get organismin the absence of “fuel”, need to find another source of energywhat kind the fats we have accumulated.

And how do you get into ketosis? Well, basically, by forcing the body to swallow fats and proteins. So during ketosis the body converts stored fat into these ketoneswhich, in turn, become their source of energy.

Although they don’t exist ketogenic diets When standardizing, we tend to talk about different ratios of macronutrients in relation to daily calories. This means that fats must constitute 70% to 80% of consumptionwhich equates to 5% to 10% for carbohydrates and 10% to 20% for protein, according to a Harvard University review of this diet.

Obviously, this diet is not suitable for everyone and sticking to it for a long time is not recommended, especially without the supervision of a specialist. However, it has proven to be effective in terms of losing stored fat.

3) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Although there are many people who do not lose weight without dieting, sometimes you can lose weight (especially if we don’t have a lot of extra pounds) making adjustments to our sports routine.

In this regard, experts have been strongly recommending for several years HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which consists of high intensity training program which combines short periods of maximal effort with other periods of rest. In this way, we manage to increase our heart rate, which in turn speeds up our metabolism and makes weight loss much easier. This is also training increases calorie burning even several hours after the end of the workout.

Woman training at home

In HIIT, as we have already said, intervals are very shortNext Ratio of effort and rest 1:2. This means that for every period of effort, you rest twice as long. In other words, if you perform an exercise at maximum intensity for 30 seconds, you can rest for one minute. This cycle must be repeated until a total of ten minutes has been reached.

The main advantage of HIIT is that it can produce results equivalent to those of a 45-minute moderate-intensity workout. Plus, it’s ideal for those just starting out in the world fitnesssince it does not require much resistance or concentration of effort in short periods of time.

4) Eat mindfully and pay attention to your body

Sometimes all we need to lose weight is to take it seriously and be honest with ourselves. For example, being aware of whether we’re not eating out of anxiety or boredom, or overindulging in simple carbs at night, or in short, not giving our body what it really needs.

So in many cases we can lose weight just by practicing conscious or intuitive eatingwhich is based on the assumption that our body naturally knows what and how much to eat, as well as what nutrient you need at this time. That is, when the body “asks” for something sweet, we should give it to it, but along with healthy options, such as fruit. If you ask us for proteins, then lean meat, fish or legumes. And if fats are required, then nuts or avocados.

By being aware of what our bodies require of us and what we bring to the wedding, we can lose weight And we can also change our habits to many healthier ones.

This method is quite easy to follow as it basically consists of Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.and choose healthy food options. For this reason, it will never be suitable for those who suffer from eating disorders, have nutritional deficiencies, or do not know how to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. In this case, we will have to seek help from a specialist.

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