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ALICANTE. He is the fourth option at his position. Sergio Leon come back to Elche last summer with the tag of a star striker, and today for Sebastian Beccacece fourth in the rotation to refresh the attack.

The manager made this clear on Friday when he was questioned about the 35-year-old from Palma, who was left out of the squad for the match against Palma last week. Tenerife, after the coach doubted his physical condition in the press room and, moreover, told him that he would not have minutes. The latter was confirmed by the Rosario coach this Friday in his speech before the match with Rosario. Real Valladolidnoting that he explained to him that he wanted to hire “two center forwards” in this winter market: “Maybe no one will come, but I have to let him know,” he said, before noting that the player “trains accordingly and obeys decisions like the professional he is.” “There is nothing strange, everything is clear. This week he put in more effort than last week, I think he should continue to improve, but I see the effort,” added Beccacece, without failing to make clear his desire to publicly express his opinion. a question worth forgetting… …that he himself put on the table seven days ago.

Palmeño’s fate seems sealed, but in the club Martinez Valero You never know, in every way. Moreover, Beccacece himself did not close the door of challenge to anyone, starting with Leon and continuing on the sides. Lautaro and midfielder Raul ‘Guti’, who he also left out of the Tenerife call due to his interest in a change of scenery during this winter window. If the first is not in the challenge to a duel against Real Valladolid This will be due to problems in the soleus muscle (it is not the only one affected), and the second one should be the case, judging by what the coach said in his speech: “Everyone has the opportunity to be called up, it depends on everyone.” This week, every player knows what their situation is. Sergio is better than last week, but he still has room for improvement. That doesn’t mean he can’t call, but to be on the 23-man roster, he has to earn it. Raúl (“Guti”) has more opportunities, I see it very well,” Beccacece noted after a fiery defense of “groups ahead of individuals” and the need for “a common cause” and not just one, “a family revolution, so that the fan feels identified “

Sergio Leon returned in the summer with the difficult task of making fans forget Lucas Boyer, Pere Milla And Ezequiel Ponce, but he failed. This is largely due to the fact that he has been hampered by physical problems, starting with a muscle injury that kept him in dry dock for almost two months. Under the leadership of Beccacece, he took part in 15 official matches and scored two goals: in La Liga Hypermovement He was on the field for exactly 488 minutes in 12 games, which is 28% of possible minutes.

In addition to the two centre-forwards, which he admitted to telling Sergio Leon he wanted to arrive in January, Beccacece spoke this Friday of signing “a centre-back, a midfielder and two wingers”. The man from Rosario expressed “optimism” that they will become a reality, while emphasizing his harmony with the sports commission he heads. Sergio Mantecon and with the owner Christian Bragarnik. It’s right now in South America and it is hoped that before he returns to Spain The issue of Lautaro’s departure will be decided next week. This will not be easy, just like Raul “Guti”, since none of the clubs interested in them meet the financial requirements of the club structure. Martinez Valero.

To date, in January of this year, Elche has only strengthened its goalkeeping. Mathias Dituro and striker Manu Nieto.

Lautaro’s departure will free up one of the two non-EU licenses that Elche’s first team have, opening the door for the Mexican. Jesus Hernandezwho returned to training this week on Beccacece’s orders.

“I really like him and I see potential in him, but caution is paramount. We see potential in him and that creates expectations, but right now there is no way to bring him into the first team because he is not from the EU. We will see how we do with the places at the end of the market,” explained the man from Rosario about the licensed footballer Elche Ilicitano.

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