Francois distanced himself from Miley and assured that he does not feel “betrayed” by the mild protests following the failure of the omnibus legislation.

Interior Minister, William Francoyes, he went out Keep yourself away from accusatory speech and aggressive towards governors Launched by President Xavier Miley And other swords of the ruling party in the face of the failure of the omnibus law. Said Doesn’t feel “betrayed” by the opposition And he decided to “sit down again” with the various political sectors “because no one can ignore Parliament.”

The tone of Franco, who because of his role is supposed to preserve political dialogue especially in places where the ruling party is a minority, was a sharp contrast to the tone used by the president and his spokesman Manuel Adorni this morning.

from israel, Miley said people who don’t support her bill are “a bunch of criminals.” That “they are not willing to give up their privileges” and that is why they began to “dismantle” official initiatives.

His courageous spokesperson was equally harsh and blamed the governors this morning: “The President has taken the decision from December 10th. Here it does not matter what the Governor and MLAs do. He’s going to do it with the tools the Constitution allows him,” he shot.

opposite of this, Franco was too cautious, He said that “the government is continuing to work and fix the macroeconomic situation with the tools it has” and asked society to “not worry so much about the law.”

In any case, he said, after the collapse and withdrawal of the project “we will have to sit down and talk again because one cannot ignore the Parliament,” he said during a radio interview.

Of course, he defended the “change” that Miley embraced and for which voters voted, highlighting that “there are still legislators who voted for change, but did not vote for this project. “

especially The decision was taken not to confront Córdoba Governor Martín LarrioraIn the province in which Miley won comprehensively and which has for years been a reserved constituency of voters for right-wing parties.

“We did not make any agreement with the government of Córdoba and it is strange because the province supported Miley,” he admitted and assured that “AndPersonally, I don’t feel cheated.”, Only “we should have reached an agreement that did not materialize.”

What Franco did do was try to maintain some pillars of the ruling party in Congress through alliances with other forces promoting neoliberal change, but in order to provide support he set conditions that were called La Libertad Avanza (LLA). )’s nature refused to accept.

“From the very beginning we knew that when someone enters Parliament with a minority group and has to face a significant change process because of the situation in the country, It’s going to be complicated and difficult,” he acknowledged.

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