Frederick of Denmark hugging his brother Joaquin shows he is not “Harry”


One day after Denmark experienced a historic day with the first-ever abdication of a monarch – in this case Margaret II – and the immediate announcement of a new sovereign, Frederick A grand session of Parliament with almost the entire royal family in attendance. In his speech, Chamber President Soren Gade wanted to thank Margaret II for her years of service.

But, with the permission of the brand new Frederick And all because one of the most anticipated photos took place this Monday in Copenhagen: It is now a brotherly embrace between the two children of former Sovereign Margaret.

Prince Joachim, 54, attended his mother’s abdication ceremony at Christiansborg Palace on Sunday, and was also present at the brief private reception at which the new king presided, shortly before taking to the balcony for the announcement. Receive greetings from the Prime Minister and the crowd, But the truth is that in the format of the proclamation programs, due to great austerity, Joaquin could barely be seen for a few moments as he traveled in the car from the Royal House to the Palace.

However, this Monday we were able to see the members of the dynasty, who were on the stage of honor, chatting comfortably in Parliament: King Frederick and Mary, heir apparent Christian (18 years old), Queen Margaret, Princess Benedicta and the aforementioned Joachim. They all have something in common: they are members of the royal family who have a position in the State Council and who have the authority to administer the regency. This is a legal figure of exceptional importance – there is nothing like it in the Spanish monarchy – because in Denmark, like other European crowns, the regency is active several times a year, each time the head of the institution is away. Become ill, travel abroad or enjoy a period of rest.

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Therefore, Prince Joachim, although currently fifth in line to the Danish throne, is so called, at least until all his nephews reach adulthood. To perform incidental functions of the representation of the Crown. Therefore, it was so important at the beginning of Frederick Everything is for the good of the institution and the responsibility of the state.

In his proclamation speech, Frederick acknowledged that “whatever help could be given him” would fall short in carrying out his duties. And claimed he was not “alone” in his new task. He praised his wife, now Queen Mary, who was even more popular than he. And with the wedding kiss the intention was to turn the page on any dispute, like Genovese Casanova’s, without escalating further. Likewise, the embrace between Federico and Joaquin This should be understood as the desire of both to line up together, Beyond the differences they have not been able to cover in the last decade. At least for now, it looks like Frederick

Denmark’s Joaquin has been living for months with his wife, Princess Mary, and their two children in Washington, where he holds a senior post at the Defense Ministry as defense industry attaché at the Danish Embassy. Mary has not traveled to Denmark this weekend to be present at the historic day of her brother-in-law’s announcement. We’ll see if he comes next weekend. At the same Thanksgiving celebration in the cathedral of Aarhus with the rest of the family, Hence associated with the ancient dynasty.

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