Frederick of Denmark’s controversies before becoming king: from the ‘Genevieve case’ to his nickname ‘Turbo Prince’


Since Denmark became a hereditary monarchy in 1660, No king or queen ever abdicated and the last instance is from 1146.When Eric III abdicated the throne to retire into a monastery.

Therefore, the unexpected announcement made by Margaret II in her traditional New Year’s Eve speech – she did not tell her children until three days before, as the royal family confirmed – took the entire country by surprise, although this The decision has received widespread support.

Alleged infidelity with Genova Casanova

Frederick is the new king of Denmark from today. The first-born of Margaret II, he has inherited the crown at the age of 55 and after starring in several scandals and controversies that have made him a hero in the Danish press, not only because of his attractive tattoos or his work as a DJ. for, but for Love the new king, there’s so much to talk about.

The latest controversy came to light two months ago when the magazine Lecturas published some photos showing Federico with Genoveva Casanova on the streets of Madrid. The photos spread around the world and apparently caused a rift in his marriage to Mary Donaldson.

‘Turbo Prince’

Another of Margarita’s son’s most notorious scandals occurred on New Year’s Eve 1992 when Federico was arrested by the police along with his girlfriend, model Malou Amund, for driving at full speed under the influence of alcohol and apparently Without license. Driving.

This fact earned him the nickname ‘Turbo Prince’. And the dispute reached the Danish Parliament, where it was requested that Frederick be stripped of his dynastic rights.

Margaret’s son’s numerous scandals have plagued the Crown and Queen Margaret has had to intervene on several occasions. Such as the Danish royal house’s apology for Federico’s arrest for drunk driving.

Additionally, the Crown Prince’s later relationships did not go well with the Danish monarchs and ended due to pressure from the royal family, such as his relationship with underwear model, Katja Storkholm.

Before meeting Mary Donaldson, Federico had a new known relationship during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, this time with singer Maria Montell, but the royal family did not approve of the relationship and Federico was forced to end it. .

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Federico has been married since 2004 to Mary Donaldson, an Australian, whom he met at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and with whom he has four children.

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