Frederick X becomes King of Denmark after the historic abdication of Margaret II

Frederick He ascended the throne after the abdication of his mother Margaret II.When he was proclaimed king from the balcony of Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen, he expressed his desire to act as a unifier for the entire country.

“My mother, like few others, has been one with her state. I hope to be a unified king” the new king said in a brief speech in front of thousands of Danes, who were led by the new Prince Christian, accompanied by his wife, Queen Mary, and their four children.

Frederick’s accession to the throne At the age of 83, he unexpectedly announced his retirement in his New Year’s Eve speech after 52 years of reign.Citing health problems and the need to make way for a new generation.

Margaret II will retain the title of queen

Margaret II, who Retains the title of Queen and the role of interim rulerAfter the abdication was formalized, they left the palace by car, while the new monarchs held a small reception: it is known that the guests included the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, and the Presidents of the autonomous regions of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Were included. ,

The events do not include any royal guests from other countries, nor are there any coronations., but Federico will be accompanied by his younger brother, Prince Joaquin; and, to Mary, his elder sister.

new king They will then travel by car through the center of Copenhagen to their residence At the palace complex of Amalienborg, along with thousands of Danes who have been crowding the streets since early this morning.

At Amalienborg, the so-called transfer of the royal standards is scheduled to take place later, at 5:00 pm local time: from Christian IX’s palace, Margaret II’s residence, to Frederick VIII’s palace, where the new king lives with his four children.

Federico’s son, Christian, is now the new prince.

The eldest of the sons of Frederick 18 year old Christian has become the new crown prince in place of his father from today.,

Margarita II, 83, unexpectedly announced her step down in a New Year’s Eve speech, citing health problems due to a complex back operation and the need to make way for a new generation.

Like the rest of the Scandinavian monarchies, There is no tradition of abdication in Denmark -The previous precedent dates back almost 900 years- and the Queen herself assured on several occasions that her post was a “lifelong duty”.

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According to the latest polls, the monarchy and both Margaret II and the new monarchs enjoy wide popular support, with figures of over 70% for the institution and over 80% for its most prominent members.

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