Free agency comes to Lidom: This is the list of the 106 players available

Santo Domingo, DR.

For the first time in the history of the Dominican Republic winter baseball league, players will be able to declare themselves free agents.

That opens up a whole new process that would allow for team restructuring and better negotiations for money and playing time for players.

Today the National Federation of Professional Baseball Players (FENAPEPRO) presented the list of players eligible to qualify for free agency.

In list there are 26 outfielders; 25 infielders; there are 48 pitchers and 7 catchers.

This is the complete list of players available for free agency:


Almonte, Zoilo 2004
Cabrera, Melky 2008
Lagares, Juan 2008
Perez, Juan Carlos 2009
Lake, Junior 2009
Rosario, Rainel 2010
Mars, Alfredo 2009
Table, Melky 2009
Ozuna, Marcel 2011
Peguero, Carlos 2007
Perez, Eury 2010
Sierra, Moses 2010
Beltre, Engel 2008
Castro, Leandro 2010
Tavarez, Aneury 2013
Walls, Jimmy 2010
Puello, Cesar 2010
Bonifacio, Emilio 2004
Rojas, Mel Jr. 2011
Almonte, Abraham 2008
Moya, Steven 2011
Foot, Felix 2003
Santana, Danny 2011
Sosa, Ruben 2012
Perez, Yefri 2014
Pimentel, Sandber 2015


Alcantara, Arismendy 2011
Calixte, Orlando 2011
Rodriguez, Ronny 2011
Villar, Jonathan 2010
Cano, Robinson 2002
Martinez, Michael 2007
Nunez, Gustavo 2008
Francis, John 2007
Castro, Starlin 2009
Pujols, Albert 2002
Rodriguez, Aderlin 2011
Adames, Christian 2011
Florimon, Pedro 2007
Navarro, Yamaico 2008
Goris, Diego 2013
Franco, Carlos 2013
Asencio, Yeison 2012
Gonzalez, Luis 2015
Torres, Ramon 2014
Valenzuela, Luis 2015
Espinal, Edwin 2014
Mercedes, Melvin 2014
Canelo, Malquin
Kings, Paul
Rijo, Wendel


Happy, Naftali 2007
Mariñez, Jhan 2009
Martinez, Carlos 2011
Liz, Radhames 2006
Madrigal, Wagner 2004
Mendez, Roman 2011
Bishop, Wirfin 2006
Sosa, Henry 2007
From paula, José Alberto 2010
Cabera, Yordy 2011
Chaplain, Victor 2009
Cisnero, Jose 2010
Diaz, Jose Rafael undrafted
Family, Jeurys 2009
Minaya, Juan 2010
Peralta, Willy 2009
Pimentel, Carlos 2009
Rodney, Fernando 2002
Sanchez, Angel 2011
Cross, Rhiner 2008
Gomez, Leuris 2010
Nova, Ivan 2007
Romero, Enny 2011
Strop, Peter 2004
Asencio, Jairo 2005
Bonilla, Lisalverto 2011
Cabral, Cesar 2007
Germ, Gonzalez 2011
Rogers, Esmil 2007
Valdez, Cesar 2007
Vizcaino, Arodys 2010
Santana, Ervin undrafted
Abbot, Fernando 2008
Dominguez, Jose 2010
Garcia, Edgar A 2006
Mejia, Jenrry 2009
Ramirez, Jose A 2010
Simón, Alfredo no draft
Valdes, Raul 2008
Garces, Frank 2012
Arias, Gabriel 2012
Alvarez, Dario 2014
Fernandez, Jose 2015
Guduan, Reymin 2015
Pena, Richelson 2015
Santos, Luis 2014
Hoop, Jonathan 2014
Joaquin, Ulysses 2015


Pena, Francisco 2008
Paulino, Carlos 2010
Sanchez, Gary 2011
Rivas, Webster 2013
Valerio, Charlie 2013
De La Cruz, Michael 2015
Mercedes, Yermin 2014

Erick Almonte, president of the Federation of Baseball Players, said that the rules establish that eligible players will be considered free agents from February 15 of each year, but for one month they will only be able to negotiate with their own clubs. Then it will be from March 15 onwards that eligible players who did not agree with their clubs will be able to listen to offers from other teams.

The team that signs a free agent will get two seasons of control over that player, plus a mutual option of the parties for a third season. After two seasons, the team will be able to activate the third-year option, but the player will be able to dispute his salary in arbitration if he disagrees with the club’s offer.

The requirements to be declared a free agent are to accumulate 65 weeks on the team’s available list, have 10 years of being selected in the rookie draft and have at least 18 weeks on the available list or 12 years of having been drafted. in the draw regardless of the availability time for your team.

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