Free games for PC from Prime Gaming in January: The Evil Within 2 and five more

The Evil Within 2the horror adventure developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, heads the catalog of six games for PC that Amazon Prime subscribers can add to their libraries permanently through the Prime Gaming website during the month of January.

The adventure of the creators of the recent Ghostwire: Tokyo puts players in the shoes of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who must immerse himself in a nightmare semi-open world to save his daughter; dream environments; “[…] He knows how to find the balance between the linear and the open, Asian and Western horror, and between modern and classic survival horror”, we said in his analysis.

Prime Gaming free games in January 2023

Among the other free titles are indie games from a variety of genres. two of them are police adventures point and click. beat cop is inspired by the television series of the 80s genre to tell the story of a street policeman who must discover who framed him for a murder. Chicken Police is based on gender not to go and in humor while we control a chicken-police.

The catalog is completed Faraway 2 (a game of puzzles side-scroller set on a dark and bewildering planet Earth), Breathedge (an adventure of survival in outer space where, also in the skin of a chicken, you have to create tools, pilot vehicles and control space stations) and Lawn Mowing Simulator (as the name suggests, a simulator to mow the lawn “with a real license from prestigious manufacturers”).

Dishonored 2 stay free until the end of January

In addition to these games and rewards for online titles like Valorant, destiny 2 Y GTA:OnlineAmazon Prime subscribers have until the end of January to also claim Dishonored 2. Likewise, a handful of SNK titles remain in the catalog as metal slug, the king of Fighters Y The Last Blade.

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