French voices of Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie launch dubbing in Cannes

Sansa Stark performed Game of ThronesJennifer Lawrence in the film The Hunger Games (and in all the latest films!), Nami in One piece or an encore with Mimi Gainarde in Harry Potter, c’est elle: Kelly Marot, 37, French comedienne and singer specializing in dubbing. Avec son amie d’enfance Dorothee Pousseau, actress, art director, and dubbing specialist (Margot Robbie in dubbing) Barbie, Le Loup of Wall Street, Suicide Squad among others) they created Dub School in October. A dubbing school in Paris offering various trainings to the elite of the profession., And not Cours débarquent in the city of festivals ce mois-ci (lyra B-desus).

“I can’t interpret the image”

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Photo by S. Bo.

“On s’est rencontré lorsqu’on était encore enfant sur les platox”Rembobina Kelly Marot, who left as an actress for 5 years in cinema A crisis Colin Serro.

“I started dubbing at the age of 6. What I play plus in this craft is that I perform from roles that I have never played in character, for example, lorsque je double une espionne russe dans le movie. Red Sparrow. He may say that this is what the fair says, this is not a basis for interpretation!” Video games, audio books, manga, advertising… “L’univers de la voix est très varié. For example, for audiobooks, il n’y a pas d’image, il faut réussir à captiver l’auditeur pendant plusieurs heures. The technique is different from dubbing a film or a TV series, or its ability to be able to tout de suite, re-transcribe emotions that happen in the blink of an eye, or encore the impression of that movement in motion without a booger. pleurer For anime or manga illustrations, to create an atmosphere, change the voice to interpret different characters…” Avec un rythme parfois soutenu: “I’ll be coming for twice as many as four episodes of the series in half a year!” Confidentialité oblige, Kelly Marot ignores all parts of the film or series that is dubbed. “The art director is here to explain the project. Sur une saison de game of thrones you’re in the movie star Wars For example, on ne voyait que les têtes pour le doublage, on ne savait pas ce qu’il se passait!

Parmy has a favorite actress, Jennifer Lawrence, she doesn’t repeat all the films in France after a year. “Elle est incroyable.” Elle fait des Films très différents les uns des autres, et je me demande toujours ce qu’elle nous reserve! Je ne l’ai never matched… Mais j’adorerai!

Margot Robbie. DR.

“Waiting for the Pepitas to appear in Cannes”

Dubschool is holding its training sessions in Cannes on February 19th and 23rd at Campus Méliès.

“Il there is already talent in Paris, in Cannes and in the cinema! Waiting to find des pépites ici. The remaining sessions are expected in April.”

Un prequis pour s’inscire à cette form: “Il faut avoir pris des cours de theater. It’s irreplaceable,” said Kelly Maro.

Tuition fee: 2996 euros, financed by training organizations or the employer.

Students have the opportunity to explore all aspects of this artistic discipline during a week of varied and exciting experiences.

Kelly Mareau et Dorothée Pousseau ont-Roussy-a-Federer, thanks to précieuses années d’expérience et leur reseau, les pointures de la professional.

“The voice that sorts ordinary things that have been found”

“Our some contents de partager et de transmettre nore savoir-faire! Lorscon came from our school and he chose quality, we worked together with the best formatters who were involved in activities and were responsible for large projects. »

Contrary to saving ideas, in anticipation of kisses and cheerful voices, for the dublage fair,

“What matters is interpretation. On the contrary, une voix qui sort de l’ordinaire peut être très recherchée.” This is no more than a limit to increase. “I also kiss de grands-mères et dans ce métier, il y en a peu!”

This profession offered equal opportunities for beauty: “I already have many demands, les chaînes sont à la recherche de nouvelles voix!”


From 19 to 23 February
– Formation of dubbing
– Formation of singing in double time
– Acting training
– Formation of the musical composition of the film and pub
– Formation of adaptation (su-title, translation of VO films into VF).

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