Frenkie de Jong also spoke out and showed character on the field.

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Frenkie de Jong was one of the most outstanding footballers of FC Barcelona under Diego Armando Maradona. The Dutch midfielder led the game and showed character. Even though it was unfair to receive a yellow card at such an early age, he did not break and showed character. The same number as the day before in the press center.

Much attention was paid to Frankie after his “breakthrough” performance in Diego Armando Maradona’s previous performance, when he blamed the media for rumors about his future and his salary. The Dutchman defended himself, and that is his right, but he also had to speak on the field.

Like the rest of the team, De Jong gained momentum in the first half. Positioned at the base of the square, forming a double center alongside Christensen – he was positioned to the Dane’s left – the Gorkum man was comfortable with passes and on many occasions broke free to enter from the second line.

Unfair yellow cardboard

The first problem arose at the end of the first quarter of an hour, when German referee Felix Zweyer showed him a yellow card for challenging Di Lorenzo. Strictly, no, very strictly.

This primarily conditioned him, because in actions in which he would have put his foot to commit tactical fouls, logically he did not play it, although Frankie tried to continue to do his job and took part in several actions in the opponent’s zone. Napoli began to balance the game and De Jong then joined in the defensive duties, even serving as another centre-back.

When Barça began to lose their fitness in the second half, Frenkie de Jong had to step up his game. The team looked for resistance with the ball at their feet and found their fourth captain. That’s how, with control of the game and patience, Xavi Hernandez’s men took the lead on the scoreboard after Lewandowski’s low shot.

Frenkie de Jong kept the team’s play in check in the final stages of the match, in which the Neapolitans looked for a draw goal with more heart than head. In those final minutes, the Dutchman also played an important role in the team’s victory.

Duel with Lobotka

Paired throughout the match with former Celta player Stanislav Lobotka, Frenkie bounced under pressure, led the orchestra and earned applause from his teammates when he prevented Politano from centering from the baseline in a dangerous move.

But De Jong could not prevent Naples from drawing within a quarter of an hour after Iñigo’s error on Osimhen’s goal. Frankie was the first to lift the spirits of his teammates. Although the scoreboard was no longer moving, he was one of the people who put the most pressure on him and became very angry when Gio Simeone fouled him, which in his case did not deserve a card.

Frankie’s numbers

Minutes played: 94

Successful passes: 70 out of 75 (93%)

Lost balls: 6

Fouls committed: 2

Fouls received: 2

Balls touched: 84

Long balls: 3

Duels won: 3/8

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