From a psychological fact to a collaboration with Beyoncé: who is Mel Charlot, the new jury of “Danse avec les stars” sur TF1?

The Canadian dancer and choreographer will take part in the 13th season of the dance competition, which airs February 16 on TF1 (and streaming on TF1+).
These will be works by Fauve Hauteaux, Jean-Marc Generet and Chris Marquez.
Essentially a presentation?

They are nom ne vous dit peut-être rien. And by the way, this is a star in the son of a domain. Mel Charlot was part of the jury for the 13th season of “Danse avec les stars,” which began on February 16 on TF1 (and aired on TF1+). Dancer, choreographer and artistic director Québécoise competed among the candidates from independent cats Chris Marquez, as well as from Jean-Marc Generet and Fauve Hauteaux, who was a great comeback.

“Je vais apporter ma bonne énergie et mon expérience dans la Competition, car j’en ai fait beaucoup avant de rentrer dans l’industrie et travailler avec les arts”– Mel Charlot explained about the press presentation of this new season. If he cultivates well-being, then he is no worse than he thought.

I think this is very important for a person.

Mel Charlotte

“J’accorde beaucoup d’importance à l’human, pas seulement à la compétition. Comment on which candidates can be represented in numbers, but also on television?, detail the choreography, parkour does not forge respect. Montreal native of Haitian parents, Mel Charlot is a toujour with a passion for dance. It is in relation to the mission “So You Think You Can Dance” that Deklik: he realizes that he is full of passion.

In 2010, he decided to abandon his psychological research, which was available to his parents for pleasure, in order to devote himself to his passion. He puts his suitcases in New York or dances. Specialized in hip-hop, elle fait de la compétition and other products in musical comedies in the usual style. Le Roy Lion.

Elle has collaborated with Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams.

Choreographing for American television programs (The Masked Singer, Lip Sync Battle, So You Think You Can Dance), she has collaborated with international artists such as Beyoncé, Cardi B, Puff Daddy or Pharrell Williams.

Coupled for 20 years with her son Marie Stanley, who works as a performance coach, Mel Charlot is also the mother of three-year-old little Mateo.

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