From Naast to Zendaya: Gustave Rudman, the Frenchie musician at the helm of Euphoria

Beginning of the 2000s. The boy bands give way to groups with less smooth locks and diaphanous complexions: the baby rockers. These rebellious teenagers, who adore White Stripes and the strokes, are looking for an alternative to what the times are offering them. Every Friday night, they put on a pair of leather boots and a fitted trench coat and then they take the stage at the rock n roll fridayjust to electrify a still underage crowd into a trance.

Boris Bergmanauthor of the book Come here I kill you my beautiful (2007), remembers those crazy years, when he lied to his mother to take part in rock festivals in Paris: “Rock was not fashionable music in college. There, I finally had the impression of meeting people of my age who shared the same passion. We wanted to live faster, stronger and break out of the mold. »

Among the bands noticed by the public are the famous Naast. Four friends landed in Joinville-le-Pont, a distant residential suburb: while Gustave sings, Nicolas is on drums, Jeff on bass and Lucas on guitar. They released their first record in 2006: Bad boy. A hit that talks about girls and narcissism: “If your expectations are so high, I’ll meet them in a flash” shouts Gustave, 17 years old and overflowing with confidence. But the success will only last for a while. Tired of the image made of them by the media – dirty kids of rich people – the group broke up in 2009, after a single album.


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Remains, in the background of this foggy hubbub with the aftertaste of Marlboro gold and vodka, the image of Gustav Rudman. What happened to this charismatic dandy who moved frantically behind his guitar until it ruffled his black hair? Today, the baby is 33 years old. He composed the soundtrack for Euphoria, a series with worldwide success that tells the twists and turns of adolescence. He has abandoned the stage lights for his computer screen, on which he writes his scores and which he takes everywhere with him. “I live in Paris, Place de la Bastille, but I am a nomad. As soon as I feel something strong in a place, I stay there. His favorite place is a small house in Sweden, in the middle of the forest. We will come back to it.

Before arriving there, Gustave Rudman abandoned rock for classical music: “At the end of the Naast, I discover orchestral music: Ravel, Burt Bacharach, Lalo Schifrin, Michael Legrand. I feel that rock is no longer enough for me as a mode of expression, that this universe is too narrow”, he explains. He then searches the internet for the schools that his favorite composers once attended, and he struggles to enter the Paris Conservatory.

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