From rock legend in Elvis to war hero in Masters of the Air

Austin Butlerlauded for his transformative portrayal of Elvis Presley, now takes to the skies in “Masters of the Air“, a gripping World War II series from Apple TV+. Starring in The Bloody Hundred, Butler promises to delve into the intense physical and emotional battlefields of wartime pilots.

Premier Panache at Burberry

A portrait of poise: Austin Butler charms at Burberry, bringing a touch of vintage elegance to modern Hollywood. (Photo by Kevin Winter/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

At the Los Angeles premiere, Butler’s fashion choice—a carefully tailored brown wool Burberry suit—reflected the understated class synonymous with the brand’s heritage. This ensemble was more than just clothes; it was a statement of the actor’s growing authority and sophisticated aesthetic.

Evolution of an icon

The evolution of Austin Butler’s style parallels his cinematic journey. From emulating the iconic Elvis to portraying a battle-hardened pilot, his clothing choices easily capture the essence of his roles. His appearance in Burberry at the Masters of the Air premiere was a testament to his ability to combine classic sophistication with contemporary style, as are the complex characters he portrays on screen.

The expanding horizon of a rising star

Austin Butler exudes modern charisma at the ‘Airbenders’ premiere wearing a sophisticated Burberry suit. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images for Apple TV+)

From his career-defining role as Elvis to his latest role in Masters of the Air, Austin Butler’s journey has been marked by significant roles that not only showcased his wide range as an actor, but also his keen sense of style. His Burberry suit at the premiere was a tribute to the courage of his character and the timeless elegance of his personal style.

From the red carpet to the runway: Butler’s fashion trajectory

Austin Butler’s fashion choices, like his film roles, are a tale of transformation. His appearance at the Masters of the Air premiere and previous performances have continually highlighted his penchant for timeless elegance, confirming his status as a fashion figure in Hollywood.

To stay up to date on Austin Butler’s upcoming roles and style evolution, stay tuned for exclusive coverage and fashion commentary. Watch the official trailer for Airbender on Apple TV+ below.

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