From today these economic measures come into effect in Cuba

What economic measures have gone into effect in Cuba today, January 1? Last week, at the round table, Cuba’s Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fern√°ndez, reported on the economic measures that will be implemented on the island starting today. He also talked about others that require more analysis.

The official, who is also Cuba’s deputy prime minister, said the measures were well accepted and understood by the public. As he explained, the measures are aimed at “correcting the distortions” of failed policies, such as the so-called “functioning of order” and “boosting the economy at a reasonable pace.”

Among them, he highlighted tariff-related issues, which, according to Minister Regueiro Ale, would benefit national production by reducing tariffs on intermediate products and increasing tariffs on finished products. He also mentioned tax exemptions based on Finance Minister’s criteria to increase income from the state budget. These measures have come into effect from today itself.

Salary increases in health and education in Cuba

Although the actual increase will be visible in the February collections, it is being implemented from this month itself. As already officially announced, employees in the education and public health sectors will get a salary hike from today. These economic and social measures are part of the government’s policies to improve the working conditions of these essential sectors.

If you want to know more details about it, you can visit these articles on our website where we specify what this increase will entail. Health Pay in Cuba: Click here. In the meantime, if you want to review education details: Click here.

Of course, he pointed out that any measure to increase prices of fuel, electricity, transport, liquefied gas and other services will not come into effect from January 1. But, they will be implemented in the coming months, in fact they are already announcing more details about it, which we will expand on in other articles.

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