From Tommy to Ami, a tour of the 2024 Spring Campaigns horizon.

Fashion brands will be featured during summer 2024 campaigns during Fashion Week. This season saw Tommy Hilfiger meet Kendall Jenner as an ambassador, Gunny meet on stage in the latest “Boo” bag, Ami continue to celebrate love and friendship, and Michael Kors being an inspiring woman. Dore California.

Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2024 Campaign with Kendall Jenner Mannequin in Fashion – Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger: “Kendall and Friends”

Brand under the name of fashion model Kendall Jenner in her current life. He once again joins the “Tommy Family” in the campaign, with the photo signed by Renell Medrano. Habillée de la Collection Springemps-été 2024, Kendall Jenner poses in a large sunny garden with her children and a group of friends including musician and fashion model Ebony Riley, fashion model and singer Fai Khadra, performer and DJ Travis Bennett, fashion model designer Devon Lee Carlson and a school friend Hannah Logan.

The choice of Kendall Jenner in the latest campaign was a testament to Tommy Hilfiger: “I have known Kendall and his family for the past year and have been impressed by his rise into the fashion world,” I state-t-il in a communiqué. “Kendall considers her friends family and a family of optimism and happiness, not just the lonely son style, but the joy of connecting with people. That’s the spirit that comes from me.” inspire (…).”

Campagne Ganni Summer 2024 with Tess Carter. – Gunny

Gunny, I took out the Bow

Ganni livre is an ode to Scandinavian style. Photographed by Charlotte Wales alongside her work celebrating solidarity and women’s grouping, the campaign features mannequins Tess Carter, Kai-Isaiah Jamal and Peng Chang taking up space on the huge ‘Bow’ main tree.

I launched this summer, the device in this village appeared in more colors and in a mini format.

Ami Summer 2024 Campaign – Ami

Friends, just like in the movie

Ami veut transmettre les valeurs d’amour, d’amitié et de collectif à travers sa dernière of the countryside, captured by the photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez. The mannequins form a group of friends in various settings (car, motel, room).

The campaign is presented as a film in a series dedicated to the silhouettes of women and men, artfully dressed in robes and costumes of the night, in an atmosphere inspired by the long films of David Lynch or David Cronenberg.

This latest campaign is no exception to the precedents that form a habit among groups of mannequins, causing a certain complicity that evokes the impression of helping in moments of intimate friends or brotherly memes.

Summer 2024 Campaign Michael de Michael Kors and Michael Kors Homme – Michael Kors

Michael Kors among the chic

termination of contract

and the glamor of California

Alors que “Michael”, Michael Kors’ affordable ready-to-wear line, the brand has evolved into an artistic direction 20 years later with a photography campaign by Mert Alas under the creative direction of Trey Laird, founder of the Laird talent agency. +Partners.

Michael Kors – choice of Malibu and Los Angeles, as shots of the Michael et Michael Kors Homme campaign. The images are ultra-thin, the composition is graphic, the colors are rich. Sable, water, sky, ombre are decorative elements that convey the summer atmosphere of the West American coast.

Michael Kors states in a communiqué: “Je voulais que la Campagne Personnifie le Style Persons des Femmes et des Men, qui sont Cool, Confants et Toujours prêts à Parte à L’Aventure. “Ils definissent l’esprit de la nouvelle generation de la jet set.”

Mannequins presented in the Springemps-été 2024 collection or fat in the water: mini-shorts in jeans and biker clothes, sexy tank tops, heeled sandals… Aux mains, les sacs Colby et Tribeca sont parmi the parts phares constitute the image of the countryside.

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