Frozen? Chivas won’t take Alexis Vega into account

Alexis Vega He didn’t want to “paint his hands and face blue”and will stay in Chivas even if he doesn’t play to earn money respect 6 months agreement what’s wrong with him Guadalajara painting.

Vega He didn’t accept Cruz Azul’s proposal and now the Club’s revenge will come Guadalajarawhich will allow the striker to remain at the club, but no minutes.

In fact, Vega’s “special” treatment has already begun as did not play a friendly match a few days before La Paz Sports Cluband this Friday he trained in front of the whole team under the leadership of Fernando Gago.

Vega He has a 6 month contractYou can now sign an advance bond for free and accept it with peace of mind with the agency that represents you.

Cruz Azul is already looking for another player

Chivas tried to place him in Cruz Azul. and thus return part of his investment to him, but reservations led him down a different path and appreciated the interest, for this reason La Maquina is already looking for another element.

El Gru will have to train with Chivas and fulfill his contract Which expires in June 2024, which could undoubtedly have an impact on the football issue.

The only way out is for some painting in Europe to acquire it. and thus Chivas frees up this important space in its payroll.

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