Furious cyberpunk ArcRunner will be released in mid-April 2024 in physical format for PS5.

PQube and developer TrickJump Games along with Meridiem Games are pleased to announce that “ArcRunnerwill be released in physical format for PlayStation 5 on April 18.

Travel through “The Arc” in this beautiful cyberpunk game as you try to restore the evil A.I. Engage in intense firefights using a huge arsenal of looted cyberweapons, set to a rousing synth soundtrack.

Strategically move through each zone, making important decisions about upgrades that will affect your tactical prowess. After each match, collect nanites to unlock powerful meta-progressive upgrades that improve your resilience and capabilities against the ever-evolving threats that await you. Take on the challenge alone or team up with two friends to take on hordes of robots.

Become the best tactical operative by choosing your android body from one of three different classes: soldier, ninja or hacker, according to your preferred play style. Once sprayed, navigate stunning neon-lit streets and prepare for merciless shootouts backed by a synth soundtrack.

Here are its main features:

Participate in adrenaline-filled shootouts with a varied arsenal of looted weapons.– Experiment with an arsenal of cybernetic firearms, constantly adapting your tactics to counter the relentless and ever-changing robotic threat.

Play alone or with friends to take down the AI ​​together: Play ArcRunner Online play with up to three players to collaborate on an attack against the rebel AI. Coordinate strategies, share the joy of discovering a vast arsenal of weapons, and face new challenges as a united front. Plan your tactics perfectly to overcome the challenges of the Arc and emerge victorious.

Travel through stunning cyberpunk inspired cities: Fight in multiple zones, each with unique levels, from a dystopian cyberpunk metropolis to luxurious Eden Heights.

Improve and adapt to the task: Choose upgrades between levels to enhance your abilities as you conquer each area. Be careful because if you lose your life, you will lose all the upgrades you worked so hard to get.

Earn Nanites: Earn nanites in matches and purchase powerful meta progression upgrades in the cryo chamber.

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Face formidable opponents: Take part in intense battles against powerful rebel bosses. Equipped with devastating weapons and unique abilities, these imposing enemies will test your fighting skills.

A rousing synth soundtrack creates chaos: Skilfully destroy rebel vehicles while a symphonic soundtrack enhances the excitement of battle.

Languages: ArcRunner It will appear in a physical format with lyrics in Spanish and voices in English.

ArcRunner It can now be reserved in physical format for PlayStation 5 in Spain thanks to Meridiem Games. Release date: April 18, 2024.

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