GALA VIDEO – Lunettes de soleil sur le bout du nez et chignon Banane… Natalie Portman faire renaitre le style of the 60s in the Dior catwalk

Paris Fashion Week has officially started! February 27, Mardi, Fashion Week is in full swing. debut in beauty with the debut of Dior autumn-winter 2024-2025 this is tenu au sein du célèbre jardin des Tuileries. No surprise The celebrity stars who have already appeared on the show are very popular. parmy elles, Natalie PortmanI will accept all your wishes in 100% sixties look! American actress Fait Sensation in a tweed suit Long black Réhaussé d’un cuff with curtain on the shoulder straps. Un pardessus qui s’accordait parfaitement à la pare d’escarpins à bouts pointus qu’elle portait au pied.

A true fashionista, Natalie Portman has no surprises. Soigné Son Appearance in detail. Ainsi, to inspire the vintage spirit of the Dior catwalk, the star turned faite of le choix d’arborer banana chignonwithout using Audrey Hepburn’s signature ’50s hairstyle. Pour plus de style, l’actrice de 42 an aussi. porte-ses-lunets-sur-les-bu-du-neas a facilitator of real women. Un Look qui était en parfait adéquation avec l’esprit du defilé Chanel, Durant lequel, dedicated to young kurtas, flowing and men’s trousers, thus, like high shoes, directly inspires the 60s!

Natalie Portman attends the Christian Dior fall and winter 2024-2025 catwalk photocall during Paris Fashion Week on February 27, 2024.
© RINDOFF-BORDE / BESTIMAGENatalie Portman attends the Christian Dior Women’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 debut photo call during Paris Fashion Week on February 27, 2024.

Who are the other stars in the front row of the Dior catwalk?

Parmi les prestigieux invites me to begin this desecration, figure also Laetitia Casta. This will also draw attention to it in a combination style in black clothes, esprit motarde. Pour l’occasion, celle qui partage la vie de Louis Garrel, a troque ses longueurs au profit d’un carré flou, dumped in the shade. Ambassadors of the House étaient également present, in the image Jennifer Lawrenceà couper le souffle dans un three-piece suit in sombre grey, waistcoat or neckline audacieux, or singer Rosalia, whose jeté is presented in a black robe, which she wears with a variety of court blouses, Soleil Lunettes models from the seasonal millet collection and a Lady Dior jacket in matlasse noir. So chic!

Photo Credit: BEST IMAGE

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