Galaxy AI is coming to Samsung watches with the next Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy AI smart features that Samsung debuted with the Galaxy S24 series and which have gradually spread to other devices will come to the brand’s next watches with the next series. smart watchwhich will appear at the end of the year, and a software update Clock with one UI 6.

This new product will bring important improvements to the devices, especially in the skin care-related features. health.

As the company clarified in a press release, a limited number of Galaxy Watch users will have access. expected into the beta program, which will begin in June.

The power of Galaxy AI will be combined with the application Samsung Health offer what the tech company says is a more personalized and safer health experience.


Among the new features introduced by Samsung are options such as Energy ratingto better understand daily status through analysis that combines personal health indicators: average sleep time, consistency of sleep time, bedtime and wake time, sleep schedule, previous day’s activity, sleep heart rate or heart rate variability.

Except, Health Tips Helps you achieve your personal health goals by providing ideas and advice based on the specific goal you want to achieve.

Greater accuracy

Combining improved health algorithms with advanced tracking tools will provide more information. complete, personalized and practical combined with AI.

Samsung is improving its algorithm dream with artificial intelligence to provide additional information, with new indicators including resting movement, latency, heart rate or breathing rate, as well as snoring hours, blood oxygen levels or sleep cycle.

Physical exercise

Additionally, new fitness features offer measurements takes into account the physical capabilities of each user for more personalized learning.

At five intensity levels career New detailed health metrics have been added to custom health quotient zones. Aerobic threshold (AT) / Anaerobic threshold (AnT) heart rate zones to help you run efficiently and quickly analyze your results.

From my side, cyclists can calculate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) readings in as little as 10 minutes.

All this makes it easier to control both the training and the process. progress. Happy new training program You can combine several exercises into one session and move on to the next stage without interruption.

While running or cycling function Career allows the user to compare current performance with a previous record on the same routes.

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