Galilea Montijo confesses Is there enmity with Natalia Téllez?

Galilea Montijo clarified the versions that circulate around her relationship with Natalia Téllez, who has been rumored to hold a “feud”, finally the “tapatía” was honest on the subject.

It should be remembered that the mexican presenterGalilea Montijo recently joined the “Divine Netas” team, which aroused various suspicions, including her possible departure from the Las Estrellas morning show.

However, one of the issues to which the today’s driver, gave an answer, went to the versions that assure that there is a “bad relationship” or “enmity” with Natalia Téllez.

Galilea Montijo talks about Natalia Téllez and her alleged rivalry. Photo: Capture Instagram

Gali” and Emilia’s mother today, they would collaborate together in the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria for two years, until Natalia left, a fact that she herself “instagram celebrity” He described as something sad for everyone.

“I am very happy to meet again”

“Very much, because I love her. I adore her, I missed her a lot. In fact, when we found out that she was leaving the program, today she made us very sad, I begged her, I asked her not to leave, but I understand her and I am very happy to return. to coincide with her”, stressed the famous 48-year-old, before the cameras of her new program.

The new member of Divine NetMartha Galilea Montijo Torres, addressed one of the issues that has sparked controversy in the midst of her arrival on the famous Unicable program

Together with her new companions, the remembered cheerleader of “tv life“, “Pequeños Gigantes” among others, emphasized details of their work and personal relationship Tellez, who expressed enthusiasm for collaborating together again.

Amidst the good and bad comments, the “businesswoman” She was very happy to be part of this new team, despite the fact that this has generated disagreements about the fact of adding an extra driver to the broadcast.

However, the “TV actress” focused on how it made her feel to join the broadcast together with Paola Rojas, Daniela Mahagún, Consuelo Duval and Natalia, pointing out that she followed the advice of her husband, the businessman, Fernando Reina Iglesias, who demanded that in order to accept the proposal, “out herself”.

It should be remembered that in the middle of the transmission various situations of daily life are addressed, from the family, children, and even their own experiences arise on the part of the presenters, some of whom mostly bring a touch of humor if this deserves.

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