GAME store chain will stop selling and buying used games in the UK

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 09:49

According to sources from the British head of Eurogamer, the GAME chain of stores (specializing in electronic entertainment) will stop buying and selling used games starting from February 16 next year.

Several company employees confirmed that they are instructed to accept used titles for up to a month, when the distinctive bins in which they are displayed begin to empty until supplies run out. From now on, GAME customers will only be able to purchase new games.

The news is surprising, since second-hand stores are one of the pillars that support this type of establishment (along with merchandising and sales of accessories): last year, 95% of games shipped worldwide were transferred to digital format, which shows the decline of the physical format ( with the inconvenience this entails for saving the video game).

At the moment there is no news that Spanish GAME stores are going to take a similar initiative. Something surprising when you consider the weight that the used games market still has in our country.

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