Gameplay news of the new video game F1 24

Video game fans will once again receive new part of the official saga Formula 1 in the 2024 season thanks to EA Sports. Slowly, as the launch date approaches, the company is revealing some important details, and this time, in addition to the video, they have shown “in-game” images. explain some new gameplay features.

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The first is improvement of single-seater suspensions, allowing cars to behave more realistically and in line with the real world. Thanks to the development of technology in virtual models and a step forward in the available options, F1 24 will be more similar to what happens on the tracks, where depending on the configurations or the bumps themselves, the user will be more comfortable. .or it will be more difficult to enter curves.

F1 24 Gameplay News

To this we must add tire update, which completely immerse the user in the action on the asphalt. Depending on how the tires are treated, the behavior will be one way or the other: with excellent grip when the optimum temperature is reached, but with many problems when cornering or traction at low speed if this operating window is not entered.

Those who want to make longer runs, as they actually do, will have to be gentler in their driving, while those who choose an aggressive strategy will heavily penalize compounds that quickly degrade, which will be very noticeable when chasing an opponent. just like in rainy weather, when we have to pay attention to the grip.

As is the case in racing with water on the asphalt and its drying out, many drivers choose to follow alternative routes and drive straight through sections with more moisture to avoid overheating the tires, and in this part of the official Formula 1 video game, which will be taken into account and will bring many benefits , if everything is done correctly.

However, What’s most noticeable when driving a car is its aerodynamics., and thanks to the improvement in this aspect, the F1 24 will be much more realistic, it will even be noticeable when you are driving after an opponent. On the straights, sliding will lead to high speeds, but when braking, dirty air will cause you to lose braking guidance and reduce aerodynamic load, so if you’re not careful, the safest thing to do is end up off the track.

Another new feature that has been requested a lot is that the power that the engine develops can be changed much more, with several modes that were already available in other years, but were locked and did not allow them to be changed during track sessions. You can now re-activate “qualifying mode” whenever you want to push for maximum power or be a little more conservative with an economical driving style, which will also be noticeable and will be crucial in long-distance racing.

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