Gang rape of a Spanish woman sparks outrage in India

Dozens of women demonstrate in Pune against the end of impunity for sexual violence in India

“Justice for Fernanda”, signs held by dozens of women demonstrating Tuesday night in Pune, southeastern India, can be read in English. They were showing their support for a Spanish tourist who was gang-raped last week in a remote area on the other side of the country.

“Stop the rape!”Read more Posters from the protest lit up with candles held by demonstrators and which ended with women shouting for an end to the impunity enjoyed by many sex offenders, who are not punished if there is no media coverage of rape.

It was in the northern state of Jharkhand where a group of villagers attacked a motorcycle couple influencer Vicente (63) and Fernanda (28) beat the former and took turns to rape the woman. The police in this area announced this yesterday eight people were arrested Regarding assault.

“They have caught all the criminals, and in total they were eight (previously, the couple had identified seven). Everything has happened very quickly, the police have been extremely efficient. I just want to thank everyone who helped and supported us., “I ask for justice for all the women who go through this, that not just me, we all deserve this,” Fernanda posted on her Instagram account, where she has nearly a million followers.

His partner, Vicente, tells this newspaper that he is getting tremendous media attention everywhere. In addition to the media from Spain, India and Brazil (the country where Fernanda was born), he has been contacted by many other corners of the planet, interested in knowing firsthand about a case that once Then attracts global attention. High levels of sexual violence in India.

The latest data from the National Criminal Records Office (from 2022) is estimated to be 31,516 rape cases, an average of 86 per day. According to social groups and victim support organizations, the figures represent barely a small part of the reality in the country, where many women do not report or police investigations go nowhere.

After the gang rape of Fernanda, women’s rights activists, intellectuals, Indian politicians and even Bollywood actresses started a debate on social networks in the Asian country about the problem of these attacks despite legal reforms implemented in recent years. Done. As per the current law of India, It is still not a crime for a man to force his wife to have sexAs long as she is over 18 years of age.

“We have become so accustomed to violence against women that only when the contours of a case are very different do they hit our conscience. Otherwise, our bodies, our minds and our autonomy do not matter at all,” The writer threw light on this. Karenjit Kaur.

The incident that took place in Dumka, a district of Jharkhand, is also on the political agenda of some MLAs these days. Amit Mandal of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a party included in the central government. Accused the police of trying to protect the alleged rapists.

“This incident has brought shame not only to Jharkhand but to the entire country. The SP (Dumka officer) and the police are trying to hide the case. I demand that an investigation committee be formed and those involved in the crime be booked and Strict punishment should be ensured.” Mandal had said a few days ago.

“In this state, neither the tribals nor the Dalits (India’s most vulnerable communities, known as the lower castes) are safe. But now it has become an international issue because a Spanish woman left her husband She comes to India and it is in the news that she has been gang-raped,” the politician further said.

On Tuesday, Fernanda and Vicente, once physically recovered from the attack, They then left Dumka with their motorcycles. Escorted by police. He intends to fly to Nepal and catch a flight to the capital, Kathmandu, to return to Spain and rest with his family.

“The victim was emotionally broken.But his physical condition was stable,” said the Dumka judge handling the case. “I am very disappointed and very angry,” a hurt Fernanda said before leaving India.

“What I am most angry about is what I have read and heard from the Spaniards, almost telling me that I have caused all this myself, as if I am very good and healthy for what happened to me. What should I do? Even more destroyed? “Crying? With cut? It’s unbelievable that this still happens today.”

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