Garitano was angry with the refereeing

Garitano (LALIGA).

Garitano (LALIGA).

Editorial Deporpress | Garitano leaves, angry with the refereeing. With his usual calm tone, but without hiding his disagreement with the actions of the refereeing team led by López Toca and the video refereeing led by Gorka Sages Oscos, the Basque coach leaves Valencia with a bittersweet aftertaste. He is positive about the interruption of the losing streak, but believes that the blue and white team put in enough effort to take three points.

Insufficient score.- “We had it. The first half was equal. It was difficult for us with the ball and their chances were created by us, due to turnovers in the corner and the lack of fouls early. From 45 to 60 minutes it was difficult to get us to 0-1, given the shots that hit the post and the one Andres put on the goal line. The feeling was that, if we are not mistaken, the score was closer to 0:1. The second yellow card to Jose Leon was very harsh, I won’t talk about the other game (Kapa’s handball). We got a point, but we leave with the feeling that we were able to move forward.”

Lack of purpose.- “This is the most important thing in football, especially in a stadium against an opponent who is one of the best and is supported by the fans. We managed to take all three, but we also cut those two losses short, so we were looking on the bright side. Let’s see if this tie will help us hit the road.”

Step forward.“We will be there. The group is very good, they train phenomenally, and we will fight for a place in the second round. We missed the opportunity to tie points with an opponent in this playoff zone. We were able to get through this, but if One less, the little ghosts of the previous two defeats appear, and you think a third might happen because we had a great team in front of us.”

Elusive luck.- “Football is like dynamics. Pause for a decision or final pass. It’s still relevant, but it should help us move forward. We need continuity of results. “We are now returning home after failing to score in our last three matches.”

Two counterattacks on the corner in favor.- “Of course it worries me. In a favorable situation, we don’t cut back. It’s similar to what we suffered against Elche on their field. Because the last pass was unsuccessful, but they were able to score a goal from a corner in our favor. They cannot afford such mistakes. Nothing happened today, but Levante took the lead and things could have been different. Then in the second half we were better, in control and had more opportunities to push forward and be in the opposition’s field. But at the end of the day, football is the goal and we failed to move forward.”

Market movements.“There are 3-4 days left, you never know, but I think that with this squad we will finish the season. I’m happy with the signings, the profile that gives us a natural backbone in addition to the players we’ve brought back from injury. Now we need to continue playing no matter what, and on Saturday we have a chance.

Arbitration.- “That’s the question. I imagine they look at it in VAR and don’t see the penalty (Kapa’s hand). This has been exposed in many areas, but not in others. Nobody else knows. Besides, this card to Leon is very little to leave the team with one less, but that’s what happened to us. Track”.

Garitano was angry with the refereeing

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