Gaza peace talks continue as US launches humanitarian aid

Talks continue between Israel and Hamas to reach a ceasefire and peace situation in Gaza, while humanitarian aid has started arriving from the sky for refugees.


usa will begin Start humanitarian aid to Gaza President Joe Biden made the announcement during a meeting with Giorgia Meloni, the Italian prime minister and G7 leader, “in the coming days.”

Therefore, it connects to countries like egypt, Jordan, France And United Kingdomamong others, he they already do air launch Crossing Israeli transport borders to deliver aid.

However, the capacity of food and humanitarian aid that can be dropped by parachute is not equivalent to that of truck convoys. Situation is desperate for citizens: WHO reports At least 10 children have died of hunger On the edge from 7th October,

Biden’s announcement came after the tragedy in which more than a hundred Palestinians were killed in an attack on a convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian goods. The Palestinian side has accused Israeli soldiers deliberately shooting at civilians, The IDF denies the allegations. The United Nations has demanded an independent investigation.

International Diplomatic Forum and Peace Talks

tomorrow friday International Diplomatic Forum inauguratedIn which Palestinian diplomats also participate. There negotiators discuss a possible ceasefire.

There have been expectations that some kind of Ceasefire for the Islamic month of RamadanWhich is starting from 10th and 11th March this year. Notably, Joe Biden announced expectations that the ceasefire could be implemented “by Monday”; But during the meeting with Meloni, he reviewed it and expressed his doubts.

Apart from this, the media reported this on Friday Israeli delegationwho participated in the Qatar talks, Refused to continue until Hamas provides full list of hostages That they are still alive, although this is unverified information.

At the same time, Hamas has said thisSeven more hostages have been killed in recent Israeli air strikes in the Gaza StripDue to which the number of victims has increased to more than 70.

This is what Abu Ubaida, a representative of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, said on “Despite our efforts to protect their lives, Seven of them died from his army’s weapons,

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