Georgia’s parliament confirms overturning veto of ‘Russian law’ and gives it final green signal

Following a complicated legislative process that saw the project approved in the third and final reading, and overcoming a subsequent presidential veto, the Georgian parliament finally gave its final green signal to the controversial ‘Russian Law’ on Tuesday.


After Judicial Commission of the Parliament of Georgiawill be dismissed on monday Veto The president’s controversial law on “foreign agents,” which sparked weeks of mass protests in Tbilisi and generated international criticism, was approved by the chamber’s plenary session this Tuesday. Final Approval Custom-made, known as ‘Russian law’,

From now on, media and NGOs must register as “human rights defenders.” interests of a foreign power“If you receive More than 20% His Foreign Funds,

For which the opposition defined this bill as ‘Russian law’ Similarities By the use of this moscow Similar measures for Press till Media independent communication networks and worker,

Wave of internal protests and international criticism

The ruling party in the country, Georgian DreamThe government tried to pass this law last year but eventually backed down following a massive wave of protests.

eventually he tried again march 2024arguing that the law was necessary to achieve greater transparency Curbing alleged foreign influence And this Destabilization efforts of Georgian politics.

Critics of the measure say it would impose Restrictions on freedom of expression and that would mean a Obstacles to Georgia’s EU candidacyThe country received candidate status in DecemberBut the European Commission warned Georgia that it should do so Improvement in cases of The rule of law And justice.

for weeksOpponents have expressed their opposition to the project Protest On the streets of the capital Tbilisi. Protesters also gathered outside parliament this Tuesday ahead of final approval.

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