Georgina shocked fans with the sexiest red minidress

If there is a word that can describe Georgina This would no doubt be “explosive.” With those heart attack curves which characterize her silhouette and this expressive and feminine style, businesswoman and woman Cristiano Ronaldo He can make anyone who stands in his way hold their breath.

Yes, Georgina is full of fire and passion – or at least stylistically – and every look she wears on a daily basis is proof of that. Let’s not forget that she is an expert at even showing off her curves in a basic outfit with jeans. However, this time his proposal is not fundamental, rather the opposite.

Georgina Rodriguez wanted to take the most sensual version and surprised thousands upon thousands of his Instagram followers with a new post that screams fire. “Post” on which a business woman wore red mini dress it is very striking that it has by no means gone unnoticed.

Georgina surprised with her sexiest minidress

Short, fitted, with a lower neckline. Little more can be said about the stunning dress of the one who calls herself Gio. Of course, we can’t deny that the hanger does most, if not most, of the work. And his fans prove that we are absolutely right: “Goddess”, “How beautiful”, “Ideal”, “Absolutely sensational”… some of them wrote.

And Georgina’s body is probably one of the most recognizable in the whole world today. Who doesn’t know her yet? Surely no one. It is for this reason that his passion for heel dizziness (like the black shoes she wore), jewelry (which completely adorns her neck and wrists), and of course, her perfectly done manicure. Is there anything else Gio has to offer?

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