German convicted of letting a child die: Amal among the lawyers

The Munich Tribunal held the first trial for the massacre of the Yazidi community. A citizen who converted to Islam and the Islamic State did nothing to prevent the little girl from dying in the sun. Amal Clonney on the accusing team

Chained in the sun, with the temperature going over 45 degrees, without water or shelter, and only because she had wet the bed. The atrocious death of a Yazidi girl in Iraq in 2015 has a culprit.

This is Jennifer Wenish, a German citizen who converted to Islam and then, in 2013, to Daesh.

A terrible stench


Isis, the probable successor of Al-Baghdadi arrested

To materially carry out the ferocious gesture her husband Taha, who chained the little girl, only 5 years old, as punishment. However, she did nothing to prevent it. Indeed, according to the testimonies, “he would not have lifted a finger”. Indeed, it would have been she who expressed annoyance towards the child, who had fallen ill, and her mother. Both Yazidis, and therefore enslaved by the militiamen of the Islamic State. Yazidism is a very ancient cult of probable Persian origin, and which is practiced by a small Kurdish minority. For centuries its faithful have been persecuted because they are accused of being faithful to the devil.

Amal Clooney on the defense team

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The Munich court, the first in the world to have issued a sentence of condemnation of the Yazidi genocide in Iraq, handed down the 10-year sentence.

The prosecutor’s indictment was very harsh, describing the child’s torture in detail. The team of lawyers in support of the Yazidi community also includes Amal Alamuddin, wife of George Clooney, who for years has followed the tragedy of the massacre of the Yazidis, which took place in Iraq in 2014 following the conquest by the followers of Abu Bakr al Baghddadi.

Jennifer attended the trial by protecting her face with a folder, never showing her face, but she was shocked when she was notified of the sentence.

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