Get rid of phone spam with these 3 completely free tricks

Many of you are sure they called you while you were working, eating or dozingto sell you a product or service. They call from different phones every day, which, although it is their job, is for the users. this is a nuisance. So these people sitting on their phones have a few ways to stop making more calls and leave us alonefor something that doesn’t interest us.

In fact, these Unauthorized commercial calls known as spam This is one of the most uncomfortable and inappropriate situations. Although the timing for companies to apply such practices is regulated, impossible before 9 am and after 9 pmthey keep calling to keep convincing us.

What are three ways to stop receiving spam calls?

If you are one of the Spanish citizens who often receives constant telephone spam, we will tell you how to never hear it again. Therefore, there are several solutions to stop this harassment, and even if we say that we are not interested, they will continue to try to convince us. These 3 existing methods:

Block calls

From your mobile phone (Android) this is possible by clicking on the number itself and you will see the option. Alternatively, open the Phone app and tap on the three vertical dots. Then go to Settings and find the Caller ID & Spam tab to enable this feature. In the case of iPhone, you need to indicate the numbers that are spam and mark them with an “i”.

Robinson’s list

This is a legal stop-call measure that is free and rejects spam when you register your phone. To do this you need register from their own website and fill out a short form with the requested data. Then select the media on which you do not want to receive these calls.

Mobile applications

As a last option there is apps to download to your phone Android, such as Truecaller or call and SMS blocker, call blacklist. For iPhone systems there is, among others, “Call Blocking: Block Spam Calls” or “Blacklist: Caller ID and Blocking”.

Keep in mind that you may find out more news that you can use and which can be very usefulby visiting our section Andalusia News. Surely many of them will be useful to you in everyday life.

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