Getafe 0 – Real Madrid 2: summary, goals and match result

Was the first goal too damaging? “Madrid is the most in-form team in the championship along with Girona. A very difficult match. It’s a pity that the goal was scored so early, it really hurt us. The team failed to complete the task. don’t get it right with the few you have, “everything gets complicated”

Intention with eleven: “I wanted to strengthen the midfield. We thought they would play three plus Bellingham. Balance. When they cross, they score a goal and everything changes.”

Particularly angry about the first goal? “It made me angry because it happened to us against Atlético with a draw, with the same goal from them. It’s a shame, we had a different scenario and if they take the lead it will be difficult to come back.”

How do you deal with a situation when a script comes out but its quality is very high? “Very difficult. You need to play an almost perfect game. They have fast, well-gifted players…”

Changing positions: “I wanted to strengthen the midfield and Maksimovic as a false striker, closed inside, so that they do not create dominance. And Jenet held Bellingham. But they surprised us with the side center”

Joselu double: “Joselu always scored goals. Being in Madrid and being around such good players makes it easier for him, he is a great player.”

BordalasGetafe coach, on Movistar+.

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