Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are completing an important stage in their relationship

Autrefois, venait d’abord l’amour, puis venait le mariage. These days, the modern trajectory of celebrity relationships follows a general pattern: “viennent d’abord des anonymous sources citées disant qu’un tel et un tel trainentsemble et restent decontractés mais s’apprécient vraiment beaucoup, puis” viennent les cliches granuleux des paparazzi lors d ‘expositions. Love. » Gigi Hadid and etc. Bradley Cooper They officiate this second leg of the wedding parade and the photographs are taken by London’s top stars.

The two men have been in a loving relationship since October 2023, but this is the first PDA the couple has posted. Cooper with 6-year-old girl and ex-miniature friend Irina Shayket était auparavant Marie à Jennifer Esposito after moins d’un an, from 2006 to 2007. Ilya is 49 years old. Hadid, 29, is also a 3-year-old girl who shares with her former little friends Zane Malik, former member of the boy group One Direction. Cooper announced nominations for best picture and best actor at the Academy Awards this week. Teacherqu’il a réalise besides the leading role.

Well, Hadid and Cooper’s first time together, on the train for lunch or just for a walk or boarding a plane with suitcases to New York as an evening out, but this is the first contact. Body type affects the documents we do. Je les ai vus, les mains liées alors qu’ils promenaient dans les de London rues de London, tous deux emmitouflés et portant des lunettes de soleil Malgré l’obscurité hivernale.

And all these anonymous sources are interesting to match: “Leur Relation est sous Stéroïdes”, declared source. Page six In November, confirming that “ils sontsemble tous les jours.” Pourrions-nous voir Hadid occupied the siege Teacher At the table on Oscar night? Seoul le temps nous will tell you.

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