Gio Reyna’s parents threatened Gregg Berhalter with US Soccer

On Tuesday, January 3, Coach Gregg Berhalter announced that members outside the Federation of the United States they had threatened him with learning secrets from his past that would bring him down.

The strategist confessed that in 1991, he attacked his wife by kicking her legs after having some alcoholic drinks in a bar, four months after they started dating.

Given this, U.S. Soccer announced that they opened an investigation to discover the person who had threatened the United States coach at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Parents of Gio Reyna, those responsible

According to sources consulted by ESPN, Claudio Reyna, who was captain and national team of the United States, and who is also the father of Giovanni, as well as his wife DanielleThey would have been the ones who threatened the North American coach.

Claudio Reyna asked executive members of US Soccer to reveal the dark past that the national team strategist was hiding, this after learning that his son’s role in the World Cup would be limited.

US Soccer did not receive any details about the claims until December 11.when an executive was told on a call with Claudio Reyna and his wife, Danielle, that Berhalter, 49, had had a domestic violence incident in the past, sources told ESPN.

Berhalter will be removed from his position and his place will be taken by Anthony Hudson on an interim basis, this until the investigation is resolved.

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