God of War Ragnarok: Thor is too fat, body shaming controversy breaks out


That God of War Ragnarok would be at the PlayStation Showcase was certainly not a surprise, but all fans of the Santa Monica Studio game were still glued to the screen, analyzing in detail every frame of the trailer. Immediately after the presentation, Sony PlayStation released many more information on the highly anticipated title including details on the game world, the narrative and some characters. Between these, Thor’s final design has finally been revealed, after having been presented for a long time in the first chapter, but not everyone was happy about it.

God of War

It is precisely its appearance that is being discussed: a big, portly man, with red hair and a long beard. Although Thor presents himself exactly as he should have, a real Viking, many users have expressed their concerns on social networks as they expected a much more handsome and muscular character. The result is an avalanche of memes and jokes that according to many lead to pure body shaming, thus sparking a lot of controversy.

The most reasonable point out that in addition to being this the ideal aspect of a mighty Norse God, it would make no sense to give Thor an aesthetically pleasing representation, as the God of Thunder must necessarily be menacing. In any case, many point the finger at the stereotype of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which would have altered the way many view the mythical figure.

Who made this statue? 😂 from GodofWar

In fact, in the end even Avengers Endgame has then restored faith to the most appropriate aspect of the Thor of Norse mythology. We are sure that the character will be even more epic on screen than the image released recently by Santa Monica Studio and we can’t wait to fight him when God of War Ragnarok is released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. What do you think of Thor’s design ? Let us know your opinion by commenting at the bottom!

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