Golden Globes 2024: Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Matthew Perry?

Actress Jennifer Aniston attends the 2024 Golden Globes in an all-black dress. Tribute to Matthew Perry?

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards will be held in Los Angeles on January 7. The event brings together some stars, including a certain Jennifer Aniston. By the way, this time on the red carpet it’s a foul in a black robe. Any tributes to Matthew Perry? MCE TV – your story from A to Z!

Golden Globes 2024: Stars are dead on the red carpet

Last year, the Golden Globes shone with stars from all over the world. On this day, January 7, 2024, names are cells that are where they are. returns to Los Angeles to attend the 81st ceremony. Anytime, il ya de quoi! Veter was present at this event three times to award films and TV series for the entire 2023 year.

This is an ideal opportunity to meet the light of actors and implementers who are demarks. In addition, the 2024 Golden Globes will give away more than $150. Rien que ça! Ainsi, Stars of the nombres on the foul le Tapis Rouge. Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Cillian Murphy, Sarah Snook… All defilements in sublime things Lors of this ceremony!

But that’s not all! The rest of the stars are 2024 Golden Globe winners. Eh oui, cells et ceux qui suivent. Idyll between Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet ont eu de quoi s’en mettre sous la dent. Actually, Two tourteros are placed on the Sebrasseur train.. Either way, one of those chosen is sure to connect the air with more love than ever. Trope minion!

Ce ne sont pas les seuls à voir fait parler d’eux! Taylor Swift, nominated for documentary title Eras Tour, After evaluating Joe Coy’s remarks to son égard. Aye…

Jennifer Anison attending the 2024 Golden Globe Awards sensation in one toute noire robe. Tenue, capable of restoring Tual! MCE TV vous en dit plus!

Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Matthew Perry

After the death of Matthew Perry Friends fans are in love. Casting of the series “Woman at Sunset” poignant reverence Birthday suite.

“Nous sommes tous devastés par le décès de Matte. Nous étions is more than just colleges, family. Your choice is very cruel. Mais pour l’instant, nous allons prendre un momento pour faire notre deuil”.

But that’s not all! Laura Golden Globes 2024, January 7, some Internet users highlighted discreet tribute to Matthew Perry from Jennifer Aniston.

Indeed, for the ceremony, The actress chose a black dress from the house Dolce & Gabanna.. Fill the good name of the fans, the choice of this color did not go unnoticed. Hey yeah!

C’est alors sa façon, à elle, d’exprimer son deuil envers son ancien compère dans Friends. Dedication to the three whites!

Plusieurs Hommages devraient de Nouveau pleuvoir for Matthew Perry lors des Emmy Awards, previous months of January.

Les décennies passent, mais la famille Friends est donc toujours too soudée!

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