Gonzalo Bernardos issues notice to mortgage holders: “Starting February…”

01/21/2024 at 14:23.


In an economic context characterized by persistently rising prices and soaring inflation in the eurozone, the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to raise interest rates. directly affects those with variable installment mortgages.

Gonzalo Bernardos, a famous economist on Spanish television, issued a warning to mortgage holders on La Sexta’s “Better Later” program. After a year of premium increases, Bernardos expects that if the current situation continues, those renewing their mortgages in February will receive good news: For the first time in a long time, they will pay less.

The Euribor is currently below 3.8% after rising above 4% during the ECB decisions. From the point of view that The ECB will not continue to raise interest rates. Mortgage payment relief is expected to begin in February or March 2024.

This measure is enshrined in ECB decision to reduce inflation The eurozone average is around 2%, a target that has been exceeded in recent months.

In addition to resolving the situation with mortgage holders, Bernardos also spoke about the expected increase in pensions in January, which is estimated at 3.8%. However, the economist emphasizes that for retirees it is not only the growth itself that is crucial, but also the actual impact on their purchasing power. He warns that in 2024 the gain in this regard will be zero. It also highlights the difficult situation with young people entering the labor market, a group that is often forgotten in economic policy discussions.

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