Goodbye Find out a new way to log into your Wi-Fi router

If you want to change any configuration of our router, you will definitely need to enter the IP address in the browser and also enter the access credentials later.

This process is not easy for beginners, since on the one hand it is difficult to remember the IP address, and on the other hand you have to take into account the access credentials router corresponding.

But this complexity may very soon change as ICANN, the international Internet organization responsible for administering top-level domains, has come up with an idea that has signs of success: and this would be a new way to access our router configuration.

In particular, ICANN wants to create a top-level domain for the exclusive use of this type of device, not just routers, but also others such as home appliances, network extenders, smart light bulbs or smart TVs.

This will allow the user to better remember to access the configuration of their device, such as a router, without having to enter the IP address.

Specific Looks like domains ending in .internal will be selected..

Once this proposal is accepted, different manufacturers will be able to implement a new way to access them with a dedicated address but ending in .internal on their devices such as routers.

It’s not resolved yet, but it looks like it will thrive, so in a few months we’ll have a new way to access the configuration of our router and other devices.

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