Goodbye to Meredith?: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ introduces the new interns in the first promo of season 19 – TV6 News

The new installment of the series starring Ellen Pompeo premieres on ABC on October 6.

Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital opens its doors to new characters for Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomyas evidenced by its first promo with Ellen Pompeo featuring the new faces of the series.

The video introduces those who would be the new first year surgical interns played by Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, Midori Francis, Adelaide Kane and Harry Shum Jr. and it is Dr. Meredith Gray who welcomes them:

Today we all have a second chance here. We have to prove the doubters wrong

Is it the end of Meredith? Taking into account that the first promo of season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy focus on the new characters who will star in this new installment, everything hangs in the balance. In addition, it must be added that Ellen Pompeo will only appear in eight episodes this season.

After more than 15 years, Ellen Pompeo leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ behind to star in another series in the style of ‘The Orphan’

Also, the video gives us the feeling that Meredith has made peace with Nick (Scott Speedman) after that big fight in the season 18 finale. Speedman will be a recurring character in this new installment after fulfilling his regular commitment. of the series for a year.

The promo also offers a look at the doctors returning to the hospital once again, including those whose futures were uncertain after the cliffhanger of Bailey (Chandra Wilson) resigning, and Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Teddy (Kim Raver) resigning. and they were on a plane going somewhere.

Remember that season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on ABC next October 6.

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