Google and Gemini are asking the question: What do we want from chatbots?

The criticism continues after unpleasant launch of Gemini chatbot with artificial intelligence from Googlein which the company tried to get its AI assistant to correct the biases attributed to these types of programs, and ended up with a ridiculously biased AI tool.

This looks like a conspiracy theory awoke this blinds Elon Musk and the rest of the conservative circles in the United States, who they blame Big Tech perform similar tricks in the shadows. Google came forward and gave them powerful arguments to support their arguments.

Remember when Twitter temporarily blocked the publication of an article from New York Post 2020 on the laptop of Hunter Biden (son of US President Joe Biden), a shameful mistake made by the social network and which was taken advantage of by figures such as Ted Cruz, a Republican US senator.

Max Reed, an expert analyst specializing in Internet culture, gave a particularly poignant assessment of this situation. Yeah, This is all nonsense, but you also have to ask yourself: what do we want from our chatbots??

I’m not sure “how did this happen?” or “Why did this happen?” These might be questions that are as interesting or educational as others, like “well, what did you want the machine to do?” Personally, I have a hard time imagining being bothered (let alone angry) by a computer-generated text that misstated Pol Pot and Martha Stewart, because I would never ask a computer to compare the two. I haven’t yet committed my research skills, my critical faculties, or my moral compass to a probabilistic text generator, and “generating text that plausibly compares historical figures on a moral basis” is an embarrassingly weird use case for chatbots. I can’t even imagine a situation where a Gemini’s refusal to say that Hitler is worse than Elon Musk would have a terrible side effect.

Two things can be true at the same time: the drama that Elon Musk’s entourage has presented regarding this issue is truly dramatic. But also the Gemini disaster is truly a disaster.

Must be This AI chatbot was supposed to be Google’s great bet for the future and although most people who don’t spend their days on

Also, people are comfortable with the idea that AI bots can’t be trusted 100% because they tend to go crazy, but that’s a different perspective than worrying about chatbots intentionally making mistakes because that they were taught to make mistakes. like this.

As for Reed’s other point… You’re right.

What exactly do we want from these things? They seem to be very good at summarizing texts, and this in itself is quite important in terms of economic shocks. But many of the other proposed use cases, especially one in which chatbots become a lifelong “ally” who comprehensively understands you and your needs, seem difficult to imagine.

Maybe you need to take a breakslow down and figure out what this technology can and cannot actually do.

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