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Computer knowledge is highly valued in the labor market, as it is very necessary to resolve a large number of situations, facilitates processes, speeds up work and allows you to automate certain actions.

People trained in this important area are more successful in hiring. Today we will share with you an important free course that will allow you to learn and learn how to use this tool in Google Drive Cloud.

Google Drive cloud and its usefulness

Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage platform, provides users with a number of benefits that greatly improve file management:

Above all, it stands out for its generous free memory allocation, providing 15 GB per account. It allows users to save documents, photos and videos without worrying about limited space on their devices.

Accessibility is another key benefit, as files stored in Google Drive can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. This versatility allows you to recover important documents or share files from computers, phones or tablets.

The ability to collaborate in real time is a noticeable difference. Multiple users can edit a document simultaneously, facilitating collaboration and streamlining the review process through comments and suggestions.

Google Drive Tool Course

This is important well located on the Coursera learning platform, taught on Google Cloud under the name Google Drive and more than 9,600 students have enrolled so far. It can be noted that this program has a high score of 4.8 stars out of 5 and 159 positive reviews. It is designed for beginners, requires 2 hours of time and has a flexible schedule so you can tailor it to your needs.

Training program

Course interface, credits to Coursera

This training is divided into 8 modules, which are described below:

Module 1. Introductory course.

Module 2: Introducing Google Drive.

Module 3: Share to Google Drive

Module 4 My block

Module 5 Common areas

Module 6 Templates

Module 7: Google Drive Tools and Options

Module 8 Business problem

Registration for the course: To study this course, simply go to DIRECT LINKregister and start learning.

What will you learn on the course?

-Use, manage, organize and share folders and files using My Drive.

-Search and browse using Google Drive.

-Create, manage and share folders and files on a shared Google Drive.

-Apply templates to work in Google Workspace applications.

As you can see, Google Drive is a platform that makes it easy to share large files using links, avoiding size restrictions in emails.

A notable feature is automatic synchronization between devices. Any changes you make to the file are automatically reflected across all connected devices, ensuring the most current version is available. Google Drive is becoming an essential tool with free storage, global access, real-time collaboration, large file sharing, and automatic syncing. These attributes make it an effective solution for users who want to manage, access, and share files efficiently.

Share science, share knowledge.

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