Google is going all out with Bard, its AI chatbot, and now it’s smarter and more accessible

Google today announced new updates to Bard, its famous artificial intelligence chatbot. These updates include global availability of Gemini Pro, the most advanced version of Bard, as well as the expansion of the double check feature to more languages.

For example, Gemini Pro, one of Google’s three new language models, offers more advanced writing, reasoning, summarizing, and coding capabilities.

The Large Model Systems Organization’s independent research group named Bard with Gemini Pro its preferred chatbot among those available for free, noting that it has made an “impressive leap” forward.

On the following website, where you can pit multiple language models against each other to see which one anonymously produces the best answers (rated by users), you can see the results and Bard managed to climb to second place, overtaking the most basic version of GPT-4, which lags behind ChatGPT Plus..

Bard chatbots


Google continues to improve Bard, which is gradually capturing the chatbot market

As for the news, Until now, Gemini Pro was only available in English. Thanks to the new update, you can now find it in more than 40 languages.allowing people around the world to benefit from its capabilities and benefits.

Another important update mentioned above is the expansion of the double check feature to more languages. This is, in a few words, allows users to check the Bard’s answers with information from the Internet and thus avoid the famous hallucinations this caused so many headaches for the company and all chatbots in general.

“When you click on the “G” icon, the Bard will check to see if there is content online that supports his answer. If the test is positive, some phrases will be highlighted and you can click on them to access the information. that support or contradict them obtained from Google search results,” Google explains in a press release.

It’s clear that these events continue to strengthen the potential of the Bard, who originally entered the game as another actor, but it seems that it is gradually gaining a leading role in the world of artificial intelligence.

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