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Google has always been characterized as a company committed to innovation and technological development, and it has demonstrated this by keeping up with new trends such as creating its own artificial intelligence (AI), its own mobile phones, specialized software, and most recently its new location-based feature. real time. This has been implemented in apps like WhatsApp (arguably the most commonly used) and more recently in Waze, which can be shared while traveling.

As you know, sharing your location via WhatsApp is very easy and takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours. Today we will share with you a new feature that Google has launched and it promises to be very accurate and long-lasting.

What is Google Live Location?

As we already mentioned, Google launched its own real-time location feature that allows users to share their current location with other users in real time. This function can be used for various purposes, for example:

-Keep in touch with friends and family

-Coordinate meetings or events

-Help someone who needs to find you.

How do I enable Google’s real-time location feature?

Real-time location in Google Contacts is now available to native Android users.

To activate it, you just need to follow these steps:

First: Open the Google Contacts app.

Second: Find the contact you want to share your location with.

Third: Tap the Share Location button.

Room: select an option “Real Time Location”.

If you want the location to be available indefinitely, simply leave the Time setting as “Indefinite.”

Google Maps: How to Share Your Location in Real Time
Real time location using Google, thanks to Hatake

You can also set a time limit for sharing location data. To do this, select the Time option and select the length of time you want the sharing to continue.

The real-time location will be displayed on the map, where you can see the route taken by the person you shared it with.

This feature is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family or help someone who needs to find you.

Here’s a quick overview of Google Contacts’ real-time location features:

-Available for native Android users.

-Activated in the Google Contacts app.

-Allows location sharing indefinitely or for a limited time.

-The location is shown on the map.

Google and its commitment to technological development

Google is known for its significant investments in technological development, covering a wide range of areas. The company devotes significant resources to research and development (R&D) to stimulate innovation. Projects like Google X, Google’s research lab, focus on cutting-edge technologies ranging from autonomous vehicles to stratospheric balloons to provide Internet access. Additionally, Google is investing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, tech-enabled healthcare, and renewable energy. These ongoing investments reflect Google’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and creating breakthrough solutions that impact multiple industries and improve everyday life.

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