Google takes Android Auto to the next level with updates for electric drivers

With the new update, Android Auto users will be able to view their electric vehicle’s battery charge on Google Maps. (Google)

From CES 2024event that Information broadcasts live Google announced interesting news for drivers using Android Auto and for those whose cars are equipped with Android out of the box.

Now you can see in Google Maps the energy they will store in their electric vehicle batteries when they get to their destination, thanks to the upgrade in Android Auto.

This benefit, which was previously only available for vehicles with Google included, will soon be extended to all users Android Autostarting with models like Ford Mustang Mah-E And F-150 Lightning after a few months. It is expected that other electric vehicles will receive this feature in the near future.

Google is expanding the capabilities of its cars with Android Automotiveand confirmed in CES 2024 which will integrate navigation through Chromium.

PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll anime are available on Android Automotive systems for family fun on the go. (Google)

This change will start with some models Volvo And polar Star. Thomas IngenlathCEO of Polestar, said the company had been waiting a long time to integrate Chrome into its cars, and in the meantime offered the Vivaldi browser.

Ingenlath emphasized the convenience of having Chromiumas this browser syncs with the user’s account and adapts to their preferences, which they believe greatly improves the in-vehicle navigation experience.

Whether drivers are looking for ways to keep kids entertained during a road trip, or adults want to enjoy good content themselves, Google introduced in-car entertainment options with its integrated software.

Some cars will now offer PBS CHILDREN and from Crunchyrollstreaming service that offers a wide catalog of anime, including popular and seasonal series, as well as Asian dramas and manga, which can be watched directly from the car screen.

With the new weather feature, Android drivers can receive forecasts and alerts for safer driving. (Google)

Additionally, in response to public requests, the application El Canal del Clima It is now available in cars equipped with Google technology.

This new feature promotes driving safety and comfort by keeping users up to date with the latest weather conditions.

The app offers hourly forecasts and real-time tracking with “follow me”, weather alerts and radar, allowing you to easily monitor your ride on your car’s dashboard.

“Android Auto is compatible with almost every major car brand and is used in more than 200 million cars on the road, bringing the best of your phone to your car,” he shared. Google.

Google-integrated Nissan, Ford and Lincoln models will go on sale this year, joining a growing list of compatible options. (Google)

The list of major brands offering cars with an integrated Google system continues to grow: models Nissan, Ford And Lincoln will be released this year and is expected to Porsche release it in the future.

Availability of digital car keys also continues to expand and will soon be available for select Volvo vehicles and even more phones and car brands in the future.

WITH digital car keyYou have the ability to unlock, lock and start your car using compatible Android phones and share keys securely with friends and family on the phones. iOS or Android.

Users will soon be able to unlock and start their Volvo cars using compatible Android phones using a digital key. (Google)

Android Auto is an app that allows you to duplicate some Android device functionality into your car’s infotainment system, making it easier for drivers to safely access useful services while they’re behind the wheel.

WITH Android AutoUsers can use GPS navigation, send and receive messages, make calls and control entertainment media with their voice through Google Assistant, minimizing distractions while driving.

For example, Android Auto allows integration of music and podcast apps such as Spotify or Google Play Music, allowing drivers to select their preferred audio entertainment using voice commands or the car’s infotainment system interface.

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