Google will use AI to solve Android’s biggest problem

Google announced that will use artificial intelligence to solve one of Android’s oldest problems: malware. The tech giant announced at I/O 2024 that it will release an improved version of Google Play Protect that will detect fraudulent applications. This feature will depend on the device’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

In a post published on its security blog, Google mentioned that Play Protect protects over 3 billion Android users. Although this feature is designed to detect malware, sometimes it fails to do so.

To prevent your mobile phone from being hackedGoogle will use device artificial intelligence to detect real threats. Google Play Protection will analyze sensitive permission requests or interactions with other applications. If it detects any suspicious behavior, it will submit the application for review and notify users.

Dave Kleidermacher, vice president of engineering, security and privacy for Android, noted that This analysis is conducted through the Private Compute Core (PCC).,operating system privacy infrastructure. PCC is a secure sandboxed processing environment in Android that ensures data privacy.

When Google Play Protect detects unusual behavior in one of your downloaded apps, will send them to the Play Store for further verification. If this is a potentially dangerous application, Google may suspend it and will notify users.

Notifications will appear at the top of your mobile phone screen and will be accompanied by the phrase “Unsafe app detected: ___ may put your device at risk. Google has confirmed that this feature will be available for pixels and terminals from other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Honor, Nothing.” , Oppo and much more.

Google wants to make Android more secure, and artificial intelligence is key

In addition to AI analysis, Google announced other news aimed at improving the security of your mobile phone. The first is opportunity. hide one-time passwords from notificationsa measure that will reduce a common attack vector for fraud.

Android will also expand the limited settings by adding additional permissions when installing applications from the Internet or other sources. The Restricted Settings feature is designed to prevent rogue apps from changing your device’s settings after you install them.

Scam calls on AndroidScam calls on Android

Also Screen sharing will be limited in Android 15. to prevent third parties from accessing your passwords. operating system hide one-time passwords in notifications when using screen sharing mode. Login screens or forms that ask you to enter personal details or banking information will also not appear.

Announcements I/O 2024 They are complemented by an artificial intelligence function to prevent spam calls. While the latest option is still in testing, Google believes it will be the key to stopping phone scams once and for all.

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