Google’s AI chatbot Bard adds Gemini Pro and the ability to check your answers in Spanish.

Google updated bardhis chatbot with AI to enable its Gemini Pro intermodal AI model in over 40 languages ​​(including Spanish) and extend it to more than 230 countries and territories (including Spain).

According to Google, Gemini Pro is the best AI performance on the market and was integrated into Bard last December, initially in English, “to provide more advanced capabilities for understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and writing program code,” the company explains in a blog update.

Moreover, from now on, the answers offered by the Bard can be check in Spanish, as well as 40 other languages. This double check function (double check) allows users to identify similar content on the Internet in order to determine if there are answers the robot adapts to reality.

Last May Google The Bard opened to the publica free artificial intelligence tool that the company launched nearly two months ago and which until now could only be accessed by invitation or waitlist.

The chatbot was his answer to ChatGPTfrom OpenIAand the Microsoft Bing search engine, which also opened up the ability to generate text and images using artificial intelligence based on OpenAI technology to the world in 2023.

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