Grammy Awards 2024: three beautiful trends that will leave you alone

From Tracy Chapman’s performance to Celine Dion’s surprise appearance as a new tribute to Taylor Swift, the 2024 Grammy Awards are not the same as indifference.

I am not a beauty lover who, on the contrary, claimed to receive certain sources of inspiration at the prestigious evening of the Grammy Awards 2024. Miley Cyrus hairstyle with Doha Kat tattoos: voices of three trends of the observer (et suivre) de pres dans le monde de la beauté.

Miley Cyrus Tribute to Raquel Welch

After the coupe mulet during the pandemic, he sees that it is a terrible 70-year-old hairstyle that is quickly returning to the scene. A trend the singer is making with Miley Cyrus, who is not the center of attention on the Grammy Awards stage.

The American singer is a choice, but not a tribute to Jane Fonda in the film Barbarella, as sure he was wine, but most of all in the style of Raquel Welch’s punk hairstyle in the years of the 1970s. This is what I know, son. hairdresser, Bob Resin, au media Birdie. “This year our avons decided that our voulions quelque chose de sec et de plus grande, des cheveux plus volumeux, mais sexy, décoiffés et agréables à toucher”– he explained on Instagram. Easily reproducible hairstyle, dead in mot-clé très recherché, bien qu’erroné, “barbarella”, on Google Trends.

Dodge Cat Face Tattoo

On the same day, American rapper Doja Cat is in her body – a large part of all her moins, she has restored tattoos, and she never hides. More translator “Need to know” At the Grammy Awards, advance tattoos are especially popular when paired with bustiers for a fully decaled “office siren” look.

If these are tattoos that do have a large number of large sizes, it is plus the precision of the celui exposed in the foreground that seems to have an effect on the socionauts. After Google Trends “The Internet of Americans for face tattoos and triple anticipation after the appearance of Doha Cat on the blush”leisurely thinker that this aesthetic is Pourrait Laisser des Tracers en Matière d’Inspiration Beauté.

TEilor Swift in cherry makeup mode

Que cela plaise or not, à la fin, c’est souvent Taylor Swift, qui gagne! This also holds true for your cosmetic choices. Tout en prudence, not without elegance, winner of the best album of the year, adopted by the trends in this debut year: “cherry makeup”, which consists of an emphasis on a bush with dyes – red carmine, cherry, burgundy or red black, dense – on aura compris – on French red, all in preservatives and ultra-natural makeup.

Un défi relevé haut la main par Tay-Tay, which did not insist on sur la bouche and marks, with some better sequins for more attention and sparkle. A trend that will not go away later due to the consensus on social media.

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