‘Grandchildren Law’ opens the door to Spanish nationality for more than 180 thousand descendants: Cuba leads in applications

Recent data shows that more than 180 thousand descendants, protected by the Democratic Memory Law (LMD), applied for Spanish nationality in 2023.

According to a report by 20 minutesIn particular, 182,400 people applied for Spanish nationality last year, the first year of what is known as the ‘Grandchildren Law’.

The law, in effect from October 2022 to October 2024, allows descendants of Spaniards deported after the civil war and during the dictatorship to choose a Spanish passport.

According to the Diplomatic Information Office, 51% (91,996) of the total applications submitted last year have already been approved and two-thirds of these descendants of Spaniards (57,585) have been registered at the consulates of their countries of birth and residence. Has been registered.

The Democratic Memory Law, also known as the ‘Grandson Law’, continues the process started by the Historical Memory Law between 2009 and 2011. At that time, up to 500,000 nationality applications were registered, but many remained unresolved, it highlights the above medium.

Now, descendants who were not of legal age in 2011 and whose siblings acquired nationality can also apply for nationality, as well as Spanish women who lost their nationality when they married a foreigner Was. According to descendant associations, it is estimated that 300,000 people could benefit from this second procedure.

Spanish Nationality: LMD Cuba

According to the information provided, the majority of people born to Spanish parents or grandparents live in Latin America (94.9%), with Cuba, Argentina and Mexico being the countries with the highest number of these inhabitants. The remainder (5.1%) is distributed in other parts of the world, mainly in France, the United States and Morocco.

Another Spanish media report indicates that a year after the implementation of the Democratic Memory Law, the Spanish Consulate in Havana has approved the highest number of citizenship applications, with almost 15,000. This is followed by the Consulate General in Mexico, where more than 8,500 applications have been approved.

The most worrying problem in Cuba at this time is the delay in Distribution of credentials To access the appointment system.

According to several users on the social network, this week they began to receive credentials corresponding to the month of August, which represents a delay of five months.

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