Gucci and Billie Eilish: together for a collectible vinyl, even recycled

Gucci and Billie Eilish team up for a unique design object. Happier than ever, the hit album of the young American pop star released last summer, is reissued according to the creative flair of Alessandro Michele. The result is vinyl available from 3 December in ten stores around the world, from Paris to New York and, in Italy, in Milan, in the flagship store in via Monte Napoleone. To return unique these collector’s items is not, however, only their exclusivity. Each of the vinyls is in fact different from the other.

Green discs

The vinyls of Happier than ever signed Gucci are made from recycled waste from the first edition of the disc, which had been produced in various colors. This means that each of them takes on different shades and is, of course, an object marked by taste, but also by sustainability.
To the musical sphere, a world from which the Florentine brand often lets itself be inspired as it “favors self-expression” is then accompanied by that of beauty. In fact, there are also gods in Billie Eilish’s fashion box nail stickers.

Beauty discs

Putting on vinyl, appreciating its diffusion with vintage notes and immersing yourself in the artist’s music has never been more ‘fashionable’, if you consider that in the meantime, thanks to the Gucci package, you can perfect the manicure by applying stickers with motifs typical of the brand on the nails, from the monogram with double G to the lettering in various styles and color combinations.

Billie Eilish, on her twenties and with a global fame, said she was happy to share the project with such an important signature of the fashion system with which, on the other hand, the agreement is high. In fact, Gucci has made it known that the singer and icon of contemporary style, mirror of generation Z, particularly admires theauthenticity, one of the founding values ​​of the maison.


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