Guillermo Ochoa in the sights of Osasuna in Spain | TUDN Serie A

At 38 years old, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa has not yet given up on pursuing European football, so the eyes of several clubs remain on his movements, which continue to be reflected in front of goal.

According to several European media reports, one of the clubs that would be interested in acquiring the services of the Mexican goalkeeper would be the Spanish Osasuna – a club that, after 19 days of the tournament, plays in 12th position in the table with 22 points, but 29 goals against .

With Ochoa currently sidelined by injury during the Nations League quarter-final against Mexico, his position at Salernitana is under threat, opening the door to a search for a new team.

For Memo Ochoa, keeping football relevant is a top priority if he is to compete in his sixth World Cup, which will be staged in Mexico, the US and Canada, so he cannot accept leaving Europe. competition.

If he were to go play football in Spain with Osasuna, the Mexican goalkeeper could even qualify for a more attractive salary than what he receives in Italy, as it would be around $1.4 million, for a total of 24 million pesos, in exchange for the millions he currently receives, approximately 17 million pesos.

However, Ochoa’s real priority now is to recover from the shoulder injury he suffered last November to then consider his future.

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